Na Ying: you sing deeper than Zhou, strong and heavy, especially explosive! Audience: what are they like?

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na ying sing deeper zhou

Na Ying : You sing deeper, stronger and heavier than Zhou , Especially explosive ! The audience : What are they like ?

Zhou Shen , Now the popular male singer in the entertainment industry .

In this age of traffic , The first-line male singers are almost all top class love beans with high appearance value , Like Zhou Shen, who relies on songs and singing skills to make a circle , A male singer whose strength is recognized by the audience , scanty .

But when it comes to the starting point of Zhou Shen's singer career , I have to mention music variety 《 The voice of China 》.

At that time, Zhou Shen attended 《 The voice of China 》, Enter the British team .

however , In the end, I didn't even make it to the finals .

But fortunately, Zhou Shen sang on this stage 《 Facial expression 》 and 《 By Lake Baikal 》 It's amazing , Also successfully out of the circle , Let many viewers know Zhou Shen .

So although Zhou Shen doesn't rely on 《 The voice of China 》 This program became popular , But this stage is also the starting point of his singer career , Na Ying is also one of his Bole .

It's just , Anything , As long as it is excessive, it will disgust the audience .

Like the latest issue 《 The voice of China 》 In the program , Comments from tutor Na Ying .

As shown in the figure , At that time, a male singer with a thin and bright voice appeared in the program , Then several tutors started a fight for the male singer .

Na Ying said on the spot : You sing deeper, stronger and heavier than Zhou , Especially explosive !

But the audience who watched the program should know , The male singer's voice 、 Singing , It's totally different from Zhou Shen .

Zhou Shen is a natural tone , And has the foundation of professional bel canto , The song is clear, clean and flexible , At the same time, there is an aura that can control the big song .

And this male singer , It's a play like Li Yugang or Huo Zun , Singing and speaking , There is still a difference .

So after this show , Naying's comments immediately caused all kinds of controversy .

As shown in the figure , Many viewers questioned : What are they like ?

The audience also make complaints about direct Tucao program group. 、 Zhou Shen as a tool man , To increase the heat .

Of course , Many viewers were dissatisfied with the comments , There's another reason .

After all , The original sentence ( Sorry, Zhou Shen 、 I like Levi ) Eliminated Zhou Shen , It also makes the audience remember deeply .

And now in order to hold new players , Pull and step deep again , Do this , Naturally make complaints about it. .

So the comments on Na Ying , What do you think ?

Audience watching the program , Do you think this player is like Zhou Shen ?( Picture from the Internet )

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