Every day up: the camping team went online: Qian Feng asked, and Wang Yibo met Waterloo

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day camping team went online

New phase 《 Day day up 》 The program is still a location recording , After the last treasure hunt, the audience shouted that they were not having fun , This time, “ Brother Tian Tian ” Led everyone to Taizhou, Zhejiang , Opened a new round of food Treasure Hunt .

Through the introduction of the program, we can understand , Taizhou is a beautiful place , And has been rated as... For five consecutive years “ Most happy ” In the city , The residents living here are very happy ?

The greatest source of happiness should be food , Through the program introduction , We found that Taizhou is really a place with rich food , Including three yellow chickens 、 The red bayberry in Xianju is a local specialty .

With “ Brother Tian Tian ” Come to Taizhou , Everyone also felt the unique charm of the city , This program is divided into several sections , It is composed of Qian Feng, Wang Yibo and a new guest “ Open air team ”.

Three people need to find all kinds of delicious food in the program , At the same time, there are some cooking shows on the program , The program is officially launched, and we can finally reveal Wang Yibo's answer in the preview .

In the program preview , Qian Feng is preparing scrambled eggs with tomatoes , Before cooking, Qian Feng suddenly asked Wang Yibo : Scrambled egg with tomato , Whether to fry tomatoes or eggs first ?

Finally, in the official program, we heard the answer that Wang Yibo wanted to fry tomatoes first , Then Qian Feng gave his answer in the program : It should be scrambled eggs first , Then put the eggs out , Frying tomatoes , Finally, stir fry the eggs and tomatoes , The whole tomato and scrambled egg can come out of the pot .

It's really cute to see Wang Yibo listening to Qian Feng's explanation with a dull face , This must be the biggest Waterloo since Wang Yibo participated in the program , I have to say that the knowledge of cooking really touches Wang Yibo's blind spot .

In the program, although Wang Yibo is a kitchen Xiaobai , But he has been trying his best to help Qian Feng , In the program, Wang Yibo helps Qian Feng prepare eggs to be fried , Wang Yibo revealed that he stirred eggs no more than ten times in his life .

I wonder if this program will make Wang Yibo interested in cooking , With Wang Yibo's persistence and perfectionism , If he really loves cooking , Believe in the next 《 Day day up 》 The program is about to become 《 Everyday kitchen 》 了 .

In the program, Qian Feng took his two younger brothers to learn about local delicacies and specialties with local residents , Although Wang Yibo knows nothing about cooking , But I can't take my eyes off the delicious food .

After learning what his brothers wanted, Qian Feng said directly and generously : Treat yourself this time , Let everyone feel free to . Then the two younger brothers basically introduced the residents in a special way and ordered them all . I have to say that Qian Feng really dotes on Wang Yibo .

Wang Yibo always seems to have a kind of magic , In any program , Wang Yibo is always automatically classified as “ Group favors ”, Especially in 《 Day day up 》 In the program , The other hosts will always love him unconditionally .

Wang Yibo is younger , So thanks to my brothers' care , Although Wang Yibo is always bad at words , But he always expresses through action , For example, he would take the initiative to walk in front and open the door for his brothers , He will also do what he can silently when Qian Feng is busy .

Did this gourmet trip make you very excited ?

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