"You are my glory" is the root cause: the "reality" of details

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glory root cause reality details

Starring Yang Yang and Dili Reba 《 You are my glory 》, It's an ordinary romantic drama , I wasn't very interested , But after watching two episodes inadvertently , It's in the pit , Brush all the updates in one breath , Still painting gags everywhere . Look at the circle of friends and all kinds of groups , Sisters of all ages 、 The brothers are chasing the play , And many of them said they were really in the top !

As a middle-aged man who is not very interested in romantic dramas , Why do you think this play is very popular ? Let's talk about it from the perspective of Psychology .

I think the reason why this play is different from many romantic idol plays , Is that its kernel is “ real ”!

This reality does not mean that actors are real in real life CP Relationship , Or it's based on real events , It's the plot 、 All kinds of psychology of characters 、 Actions are in line with people's real reactions in real life , Simply speaking , It's ground gas , No suspension !

What is suspension ? It's all kinds of routines , For example, the meeting of men and women , In some floating dramas, it's a tough push , What chance encounter 、 Hit each other , Sometimes in order to force such an encounter , Also use a lot of tools to play supporting roles , It's embarrassing anyway . Another example , If you are not careful, when you are about to fall , There must be a man rushing over and hugging in time , Turn around , Then play music, all kinds of slow shots . Ah , Or how to look, how embarrassed !

So ,《 You are my glory 》 In this regard, it is valuable , Without these embarrassing scenes 、 Embarrassing plot , It's all natural and normal ( Just being normal is such a surprise , It's all set off by peers ).

Men and women are classmates in high school , I haven't been in touch for ten years , The man is an aerospace engineer , The hostess is a big star .

The male owner doubted his choice because his mother was ill , Obviously, it can enter the financial industry of millions every year , But chose a relatively ordinary salary , The space industry that doesn't have much time for my family , When I see my parents coming to see a doctor, I only live 80 A small hotel for one night , Suddenly sad , Doubt your choice . therefore , Want to quit , The leader asked him to take a month's leave first , He did nothing during the holiday , Can only play king glory every day . This is very reasonable , Because he is still confused , Back home, I'm afraid my parents will see the clue , So I spent my time at my home in Shanghai .

And what about the woman , As a big star , Is the spokesman of the glory of the king , Because it was revealed that the video level of playing games was too good , Suffered a public relations crisis . The king offered to let her participate in the competition in a month , The agent turned her down , But the hostess Qiao Jingjing is a bit strong , A promise . So then there was the time when the female owner played the king with her trumpet , Inadvertently pulled into the plot of the game by the male master Yu Tu . This QQ The trumpet was secretly added by women in high school , The man doesn't know who she is , It's also quite reasonable to play games and pull people by mistake .

therefore , It's reasonable for men and women to meet online . later , The woman wants the man to teach her to practice the king face to face , The reason for repairing the purifier , And after meeting, I also generously admit , No affectation , It's real , I like it very much .

The hostess went to the cloakroom to get the toolbox. She trembled and was about to fall , There is no plot of the male Lord rushing over and hugging in circles , These details are very real , It's grounded .

And the relationship between two people is also very natural , Not because of some inexplicable bump into 、 Kissing or something , It's just the proximity of two hearts , Male master Yu Tu because of that sentence “ You are the rabbit who has seen the most stars ” And realize the woman's understanding of herself , And the woman contradicted the man's teacher for the man's sake , Then they quarreled and said “ I want you to be an aerospace engineer more than anyone else ” The man is aware of the woman's support for himself , That's why some feelings began to flow here .

The combination of Yang Yang and Reba also makes the play look so good , But I think it comes down to the truth of these plots ! I really hope there will be more like this in the future “ real ” The play of , Less embarrassing drama .

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