Wang Jing's "blackened version" Zhang Wuji, is it a spoof?

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Believe Wang Jing's version 《 Lord of the demon sect in the legend of dragon killing 》 Everyone has seen , And when many friends watch this movie , Not old , I was most impressed by it at that time , Should be “ zhang wuji VS Shaolin dragon waved ” The bridge section of , That war : My combat power is only 6000 , He has at least ten thousand , Let people spray rice .

Later, with age , A lot of people 《 The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre 》 The story of the original works is gradually understood , In addition, various Jin Yong plays emerge one after another , So for Wang Jing 《 The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre 》 The interest of , Slowly shift from entertainment to , Played by jet li “ Blackened version ” Zhang Wuji in this role .

The same part of the film and the original :《 Lord of the demon sect in the legend of dragon killing 》 Zhang wuji in the Beijing film festival , He is a very poor man , When I was a child, my parents were forced to death by the six factions , I was hit by xuanming God again, so I can't practice martial arts , Destined to be a man with a deep blood feud , Who can't get revenge , You can only live in the shade of Shigong Zhang Sanfeng .

In order to further depict Zhang Wuji's difficulties , Wang Jing took song Qingshu from the original book , It has become a bad senior role that is similar to bullying younger students in schools , His existence is basically to bully Zhang Wuji , Considering the main part of song Qingshu in the original work , Focus on the second half , So this adaptation is acceptable .

With a bad senior , The key step of routine counter attack growth is bad woman , Nature is essential , In this film, Zhou Zhiruo is responsible for this task , In order to increase Zhang Wuji's suffering and humiliation , Zhou Zhiruo's setting in the film , It's actually in the original “ Zhou Zhiruo + Zhu Jiuzhen ”, And Zhu Jiuzhen is more .

As the first woman Zhang Wuji met after going down the mountain , Zhang Wuji was the first person to like , Who almost killed him again , Zhu Jiuzhen's influence on Zhang Wuji in the original work , No less than Yin Susu's sentence in the film :“ The more beautiful a woman is, the more deceptive she is .” therefore “ Song Qingshu + Zhou Zhiruo + Zhu Jiuzhen ” The combination of , It can be regarded as Zhang Wuji's nemesis in the early stage .

《 Lord of the demon sect in the legend of dragon killing 》 Then the plot develops , It's about the same as the original , Here's the difference , In the original work, Zhang Wuji passed a Book , Slowly practicing Joyoung magic , In the film, Zhang Wuji passes Shaolin traitor huogong Toutuo , Practice magic skills as quickly as transmission .

Later, Zhang Wuji and Xiao Zhao entered Mingjiao , Zhang Wuji accidentally practiced 《 The universe moves 》 Divine power , Then help Mingjiao, who is deeply in the crisis of destroying religion , Defeat six sect experts , Become the new leader of Mingjiao , Here we are ,《 Lord of the demon sect in the legend of dragon killing 》 It's roughly in line with the original work , But then things changed .

The appearance of Zhu Yuanzhang : Really let 《 Lord of the demon sect in the legend of dragon killing 》 It's more like magic change in the plot , It's not all the exaggerated laser fighting in the film , But the emergence of the role of Zhu Yuanzhang .

The reason why Zhu Yuanzhang emphasized that there was not much drama , It's mainly because Zhu Yuanzhang put through Zhang Wuji's inner thoughts : Zhu Yuanzhang said to Zhang Wuji very bluntly , You ostensibly refuse to be the leader , In fact, you are willing to , You became the leader of Mingjiao , Not only can you avenge your parents , And be an emperor .

After Zhu Yuanzhang finished , Zhang Wuji will be right back : I see in your eyes , See you're ambitious , You let me reuse you , I want you to be more successful , You're smart , I really want to be the leader , But the smarter people , The more annoying .

This is the dialogue between Zhang Wuji and Zhu Yuanzhang , Give Way 《 Lord of the demon sect in the legend of dragon killing 》 There was an unexpected “ Blackened version ” zhang wuji , This version of Zhang Wuji and other TV drama versions of Zhang Wuji , The contrast is too large , So that many viewers can't help wondering : In the face of such a resourceful and armed Zhang Wuji , How on earth did Zhu Yuanzhang snatch power from him ?

Now there is a problem :《 Lord of the demon sect in the legend of dragon killing 》 in , Jing Wong “ Blackened version ” zhang wuji , Is it a mischief ?

First , There is no denying that , From the idea that Wang Jing only makes movies to make money , As a commercial director , He does have a motive to make evil changes , And at that time, Hong Kong films had such a trend , It's like 1993 Years of film 《 New green Blood Sword 》, A lot of magic changes have been made .

Different Zhang Wuji in the original work : However, Zhang Wuji's situation is not the same , Jing Wong “ Blackened version ” Zhang Wuji did not create it out of thin air , But because of Jin Yong's original work , There are two different versions of Zhang Wuji , One of them is “ Blackened version ” zhang wuji .

as everyone knows , One of the biggest features of Jin Yong's martial arts novels , It is the author himself who will constantly revise the novel , That's why , So Jin Yong's martial arts novels are always good-looking , The current versions are : Old edition ( Serial version )、 new edition ( Hong Kong Minghe Edition 、 Taiwan Yuanliu version 、 Mainland triple Edition ) And new revisions .

Jing Wong “ Blackened version ” zhang wuji , It's a serial version 《 The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre 》 Zhang Wuji's image in , It is also the most original image of Zhang Wuji : One grew up on ice fire island , I have never heard of benevolence, righteousness and morality , Just listen to Xie Xun's deep hatred , gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory 、 Work at heart 、 Leader Zhang Da, who made a decisive decision .

The original image of Zhang Wuji , The reason is that , It has a lot to do with the environment in which he grew up , His father Yin Susu 、 Adoptive father Golden Lion King Xie Xun , They are all evil cults in the Jianghu ( Mingjiao ) A leading figure in , His father Zhang Cuishan was taught by free and easy Zhang Sanfeng , Regardless of secular constraints , Therefore, Zhang Wuji has no concept of benevolence, righteousness and morality .

contrary , Ice fire island has poor living conditions , Kind and docile , Don't have the heart to hurt small animals , Don't hunt fish , It's impossible to survive , And Jason , In addition to thinking about the secret of dragon killing knife , It's for adoptive son Zhang Wuji to say that his family's deep hatred of being killed , Zhang Wuji, who grew up in such an environment , The serial edition is the most reasonable human design .

thus it can be seen , Zhang Wuji's setting in the serial Edition , It's Wang Jing “ Blackened version ” Zhang Wuji's character material , So Wang Jing's version of Zhang Wuji , It's not a trick , It's more like restoring ancient settings .

As for the later triple Edition , The familiar Zhang Wuji setting , It was the author who experienced the pain of losing his son , After the mood is very different from before , Created characters , And that's another story .

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