87 a dream of Red Mansions she kicked the door open and shouted on her hips, "Wang Fulin, you don't mean what you say."

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dream red mansions kicked door

87 edition 《 A dream of red mansions 》 It is a wonderful chapter in the history of Chinese television , It's a classic masterpiece , Every character in the play is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , Extremely consistent with the original , It satisfies our imagination of all the characters in the original work .

Director Wang Fulin adopts the method of national audition , Without any popular star , Select actors suitable for Jia family from all over the country . When these actors enter the crew , No specific roles assigned , But attend two training courses .

Through the training of these two courses , The actors have changed completely . In the process , The actor is familiar with the original work , Understand the role , Choose the right role in the book , Make a sketch , Show the director .

The director thinks you perform well , Will be the candidate for this role , conversely , Then choose again .

In the process , Many actors play roles , Constantly changing .

such as , Yuan Mei , I want to play Wang Xifeng , After joining the crew , She found herself unable to play Wang Xifeng , Just want to play Baochai , I tried Baochai's play , Was selected as the candidate for Baochai . When setting the angle , Cheng Mei, candidate of Baochai group , Guo Xiaozhen and Yuan Mei , It doesn't accord with the image of Baochai in Wang Fulin's mind .

Yuan Mei has become “ Mandarin Duck ”, When the angle is really fixed , She became... Again “ Hit people ” Actor .

For example, Zhou Yue , Zeng and yueyun , Deng Jie competes with Wang Xifeng , Because Deng Jie is too dazzling , Take the initiative to withdraw from the competition , The director asked her to play Li Wan , She has no objection . Yue Yun is going to Hong Kong , Want to leave , The director repeatedly asked me to stay , Let her play third sister you . But , Didn't wait to turn on , Yue Yun still left .

After Yue Yun left , Third sister you's position is empty , therefore , Zhou Yue found the director , Said he wanted to play third sister you , The director promised .


so to speak , Except for a few actors , For example, Chen Xiaoxu , Is to play Lin Daiyu , Most actors , After several rounds of selection , Experienced many roles , Only in the end can we determine .

she , It's one of them , It was “ The first beauty of Red Mansions ” Candidate , When setting the angle , But it became “ The first fierce woman in the Red Chamber ”, This gap , She can't accept .

She went to Director Wang Fulin angrily , Go to the door , I found the door of the director's room open , She has no regard for politeness , Kick the door open , Shout on your hips ,“ Wang Fulin , You don't mean what you say .”

she , It's Yang Xiaoling ,87 edition 《 A dream of red mansions 》 Xia Jingui's actor .

Yang Xiaoling was originally an actor of Harbin Opera House , White and beautiful skin , Facial features delicate . Li Jie of the crew went to the northeast to choose a role , At a glance, Yang Xiaoling , Put her on the crew .

After entering the cast , Yang Xiaoling is uneasy , Look, the sisters around are very classical , Only myself , It is often said to be “ a person of mixed blood ”, Others asked , Whether she is of Russian descent .

She was afraid that one day she would be informed , Let yourself go home . Just when Yang Xiaoling was upset , Wang Fulin told her , Let her see more of Xue Baoqin's plays .

Wang Fulin's words , Make Yang Xiaoling ecstatic . Who is director Wang , Serious in speech and manner , Be serious , What he said , It must be thoughtful , That means , I will be Xue Baoqin's candidate , Xue Baoqin is “ The first beauty of Red Mansions ” ah .

Yang Xiaoling let her heart down , Go back and study the original carefully , Analyze the character of Xue Baoqin , Psychology and behavior .

But , When the angle is really fixed , Yang Xiaoling becomes the actor of Xia Jingui , It was unacceptable to her . From Xue Baoqin to Xia Jingui , What a big drop this is .

original , Gu Tong, Yang Xiaoling's good sister before , Once a candidate for Xiangling , Because no one plays , Let Yang Xiaoling play for herself . Yang Xiaoling promised .

When doing a sketch show , Yang Xiaoling thought , It's just a camera anyway , Photographed Gu Tong , You can't shoot yourself . In order to help good friends into the play , She spread out to play , Xia Jingui's unruly and domineering , The vicious and vicious interpretation is incisively and vividly .

Wang Fulin's eyes , Attracted by Yang Xiaoling , He asked photographer Li Yaozong to secretly turn the camera to Yang Xiaoling , Recorded her performance .

When he gets back , Director Wang Fulin watched the video , I found that Yang Xiaoling played Xia Jingui vividly , therefore , She was designated as the actor of Xia Jingui .

contrary , Gu Tong failed to play Xiangling , Became Qi . It's “ Many things grow not in the garden , I have no intention of planting willows ” ah , Yang Xiaoling failed to help Gu Tong win Xiangling , Instead, I became Xia Jingui .

I heard that I was the actor of Xia Jingui , Yang Xiaoling is very unhappy , Go to Wang Fulin angrily , Kick open the director's door , Shout on your hips ,“ Wang Fulin , You don't mean what you say , You said let me play Xue Baoqin , How did you become Xia Jingui again ?”

Wang Fulin looked at the angry Yang Xiaoling , He laughed instead of being angry , say , Look at you now , Isn't it Xia Jingui ?

Wang Fulin let Yang Xiaoling into the house , Calm down and , Have a good talk . Wang Fulin asked her , Do you want to be a good actor ? Yang Xiaoling replied , Of course .

Wang Fulin said :“ A good actor just doesn't play a role with warm water , Good actor Yao Mei plays a cup of boiling water , Scald the drinker , Let him remember you , Or play a glass of ice water , It's freezing . You see , The role of Xia Jingui , How bright the character is , Since you want to be an actor , You should accept this unruly role .”

truth , Yang Xiaoling knows , But , She just doesn't want to play Xia Jingui .

The training is over , Near the Spring Festival , Everyone goes home , Waiting for shooting after the Spring Festival . When Yang Xiaoling came home , Decided not to play the role . But , focused , But I can't bear to , After all , This is an ancient costume drama shot by CCTV , Can be selected , Is a very lucky thing .

No acting , And unwilling , Play it ? I really don't like Xia Jingui .

Last , Yang Xiaoling still couldn't resist the temptation , Back to the red chamber crew , But she has always been depressed , A reluctant look .

Yang Xiaoling's heart , Still very resistant to Xia Jingui .

Shi Yanqin, the stylist, saw it in his eyes , During Yang Xiaoling's audition , Pointing to the apricot yellow skirt on her, she said , You see , So many characters in the play , Such a bright yellow , Only Xia Jingui dares to wear , Only Xia Jingui can wear , You say? , Xia Jingui is not important ?

Shi Yanqin's words , It is an affirmation of Xia Jingui , Let Yang Xiaoling be impressed , Relieved . exactly , Clothes with such bright colors , In the play, only Xia Jingui can wear , What dissatisfaction do you have ?

I accepted , Play a play , Yang Xiaoling is like a duck in water , Play Xia Jingui vividly , vivid , It has created a classic artistic image for us .

I have to admire director Wang Fulin's casting vision , It's just , Xue Baoqin played by Wang Yang , Not to the best of my expectation , Many viewers questioned , say ,87 edition 《 A dream of red mansions 》 The biggest loser , It's Xue Baoqin played by Wang Yang .

Suppose , If Yang Xiaoling hadn't helped Gu Tong play , Did not play Xia Jingui , But as Xue Baoqin , Yang Xiaoling's image of Xue Baoqin , Will it be recognized and affirmed by everyone ?

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