Zhao Benshan's most miserable apprentice once made a living by picking up garbage? Wang Jinlong laughed after reading it

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zhao benshan miserable apprentice living

Zhao Benshan has many disciples , Most of them are from the countryside , In order to support the family, learn to sing Errenzhuan , I suffered a lot before I became famous . There was no fixed place for the performance at that time , Need to run around looking for a show . I can't make much money all year round .

There is a video on the Internet recently , It is said that Zhao Benshan's most miserable apprentice is Wang Jinlong , Used to pick up garbage for a living , When Wang Jinlong brushed this video , I laughed myself . So what is the truth ?

Wang Jinlong was born in a rural area of Jilin City, Jilin Province , Both parents are genuine farmers , There's no culture , But they all like Errenzhuan very much . In Wang Jinlong's impression , As long as there is someone in my hometown to sing Er Ren Zhuan , Parents will go to see . In his 5 At the age of , His parents took him to the neighboring village to see the Errenzhuan performance . at that time , It's winter , It's very cold . The kind-hearted parents slept directly on the stage when the actor finished the performance , I can't bear to let them freeze , So all the actors of the trick team were invited home . That's it , Wang Jinlong eats dinner every day , If you have nothing to do, learn the singing of the Errenzhuan actor , action , Imitate perfectly , Adults say the child is a material for singing Er Ren Zhuan .

later , Soon after the play team left home , Wang Jinlong's parents also began to learn to turn two people , At that time, his parents had 30 s , It's past the best time to learn to sing Er Ren Zhuan , Learning is very slow , No progress for a long time . indicating contrast 5 Wang Jinlong, aged, showed great talent for Errenzhuan , Learn very fast . As long as there is a duet troupe to perform , Wang Jinlong climbed onto the stage , Perform with the actors . such , at that time 5 Wang Jinlong and his elder sister, who are several years older than him, started to learn Errenzhuan together .

Wang Jinlong 5 I began to learn Er Ren Zhuan at the age of , I read very little , Only read for two years . Don't look at reading less , Learning drama is fast , Also learned a lot of kung fu , Especially turning handkerchiefs , All kinds of techniques will . Proficient in various musical instruments , It's like learning without a teacher . In his 6 At the age of , On the official stage . The performance of sister and brother is over , The audience went backstage to see them , Wang Jinlong also received his first reward since singing the Opera ―― One 5 Dimes .

That's it , Sister and brother have officially embarked on the road of Errenzhuan , Performances are also taking shape . Wang Jinlong said , Remember when he 6 At the age of , My sister and I have just graduated , You can perform on the stage . His parents formed an Errenzhuan troupe , Father is responsible for contacting actors and performances , Go to various places for performances . There is a , His father contacted a foreign show , The four of them took several pairs of Errenzhuan actors and went by train . But when you get there , But I didn't see the person in charge of receiving them . The kind-hearted parents didn't let the actors come in vain , Now that you've brought the actors , It's going to take care of it , Although there was no show , He also paid the actors wages and travel expenses out of his own pocket .

After paying the actors wages and travel expenses , Four of them are penniless , The actor went back by train , But their own return fare has not been found . Heaven never shuts one door but opens another , My parents took my sister and brother along the street to pick up waste products and sell them . They are like scavengers , Rummaging through garbage cans in other places , Pick up the waste paper shell , Pick up mineral water bottles . later , They went to an abandoned construction site , There are many abandoned scrap iron on it . Family of four , Everyone has an iron bar in his hand , Picking up scrap iron . A few days later , Finally, I collected the fare to go home .

This is Wang Jinlong's experience of picking up garbage , It's because my family was cheated when I was young . Maybe it's the experience of being cheated this time , Let him experience the warmth and coldness of the world , It also strengthened his courage to face the difficulties in life , Only step by step to today .

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