"Entertainment boss" Yang Shoucheng, in addition to saving female stars, his history of getting rich is too cruel

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writing / Wen Daoer

2005 year , Because of the movie 《 Here comes the devil 》 Jiang Wen, who has been banned for five years, finally ushered in the understanding closure day .

Ready to direct , Make another one 《 The sun rises as usual 》, Realize your dream .

But before the movie starts , Jiang Wen has expected , The film may not make money .

Only one reason : Jiang Wen's movie audience can't understand .

But Jiang Wen, who has a reckless spirit, is bound to embark on the road of losing money .

This is also a challenge for investors , But a big boss with a lot of courage and money patronizes Jiang Wen's world .

Finally, Yang Shoucheng of the British emperor is willing to invest in Jiang Wen , So Jiang Wen told Yang Shoucheng in advance : The film may not make money .

But Yang Shoucheng said :“ I want face and no money , Just shoot .”

Last , Uphold “ Just take a picture ” Jiang Wen , Let Yang Shoucheng invest 5000 Wan's movies , In the end, only 1800 ten thousand .

At that time, Jiang Wen woke up from his dream , Found the little famous Marco , Here we go “ Xin Ma you Jiang ” Era .

Yang Shoucheng, who doesn't need money , I really didn't care , Continue to shuttle through the Hong Kong entertainment circle .

And will “ Yang Shoucheng ” The name of is engraved in the sky of Hong Kong's entertainment circle .

And in this “ Face, no money ” Behind the bully , What stories are hidden ?

One 、

1935 year ,20 Yang Cheng left Chaoshan , Started a trip to Hong Kong .

Yang Cheng, who came to Hong Kong alone from Chaozhou, Guangdong , Started working as a porter at the dock .

By coincidence , Yang Cheng inadvertently learned to repair clocks , Then sell the repaired watch for a few dollars .

Having tasted the sweetness, Yang Cheng began to slowly intervene in the retail business of clocks and watches .

In an age of panic , Yang Cheng hung up in front of the shop bought at the price of cabbage “ Cheng An Ji table line ” Brand , Started a business .

20 century 50 years , Yang Cheng not only started business , Also carry forward the table rows .

He married his wife the next year , She gave birth to her youngest son, Yang Shoucheng .

But at that time, Yang Shoucheng was also called Yang Zhuzi , Is the child who gives the teacher the biggest headache .

When Yang Shoucheng was eleven , Yang's father, who has made some achievements in his career, suffered fraud , Lose everything at once .

Although Yang Shou is still young , But he has seen the ferocity and terror of creditors coming to collect their debts ,

I realized the cruel law of social survival at a young age .

It was not long before , He started running business out of the street .

At that time, Hong Kong went Privacy prevails , Yang Shoucheng in order to alleviate the plight of his family , Often take risks , Join the night and take an adventure to the sea in a small boat Private queue .

And then , He just 12 year .

But the high profits made him feel the taste of making money , It also gives him the opportunity to meet all kinds of people .

Yang Shoucheng learned to observe his words and expressions after his first experience in the Jianghu 、 How to deal with three, six, nine, etc ,

It also forged his versatile character and his ability to properly handle various relationships at a young age .

Yang Shoucheng, who is making waves in business , And I didn't stop hunting for beauty .

On the eve of graduating from high school , Quite familiar with language and Kung Fu, Yang Shoucheng organized a graduation party, I also met Ren manling at the party .

after , They often date , From the study to the bedroom .

Soon Ren manling had a big stomach , I can't stop seeing the paper , Yang Shoucheng decided to strike first , Take your girlfriend to meet your parents .

Such a big play made Yang Cheng angry , But how can the raw rice be ripe .

Persuaded by his wife , Finally agreed to marry them .

At the beginning of marriage , Yang Shoucheng adheres to the belief that businessmen do not lose , And Yang Cheng took 20 ten thousand .

1964 year , Yang Shoucheng's son inherited his father's career , Opened his own watch shop in Kowloon “ Observatory table line ”.

At that time, Hong Kong's economy had just started , People's consumption level is still relatively low , So at the beginning of the opening of the watch shop, the business was very cold .

But Yang Shoucheng did not wait , But take the initiative to find customers .

In order to find customers with more purchasing power , Yang Shoucheng went to the dock to find some tourists taking Australian cruise ships to buy watches at the watch shop .

And pay for hotel waiters 、 The driver 、 The tour guide ushered in guests for himself , Give them a commission .

Later, he went to Japan to contact the local travel agency , Arrange tourists to go shopping at the table .

Soon Yang Shou's achievements made him the first in his life 100 ten thousand , That room uses 20 The small shop opened by Wan has gained a reputation .

In order to obtain greater benefits , Earn more in life 100 ten thousand , A lamp lit up in Yang Shoucheng's mind : Agent name table .

Yang Shoucheng came to an Tianshi foreign firm represented by oumou eggplant in Hong Kong with the mentality of trying ,

Meet Swiss Jewish boss Abert Barceha, Plead to give him the right to distribute Omega , But was flatly rejected .

But Yang Shoucheng's enthusiasm and perseverance , Finally moved each other .

stay “ Human offensives ” Next , Yang Shoucheng finally got the distribution right of Tissot watch from an aubergine subsidiary factory .

Then , Yang Shoucheng made persistent efforts , Won the Omega one after another 、 Lao Mou Shi watches retail agency , Force grid to soar , It has become a new show in Hong Kong .

1965 year , Years old 23 Yang Shoucheng founded the king's watch and jewelry company .

It took a few more years , It has become a famous in Hong Kong “ Clock King ”.

After succeeding in the management of clocks and watches , Yang Shoucheng saw the of the real estate industry again “ Money in ”, Decided to learn from Li Ka Shing , Start moving into real estate .

1973 year , He put the clocks under his name 、 jewelry 、 real estate 、 Investment and all other properties in the form of “ The good world ” Listed in the name of .

That year , Years old 29 Yang Shoucheng became the general manager , Yang Cheng, an old and strong man, served as the Chairman .

“ A father makes a son ” This sentence is very suitable for the Yang family's father and son .

This success made Yang Shoucheng stand at the first great glorious moment in his life .

On the occasion of success , Yang Shoucheng is also very energetic , And Ren manling gave birth to 4 A child .

meanwhile , When life is approaching its thirties , Yang Shoucheng became infatuated with the colorful world of Hong Kong night .

While hanging out with gossip girlfriends , He was almost caught and raped in bed by his wife Ren manling .

But according to Yang Shoucheng's clever mind , It's absolutely impossible to get caught .

But Ren manling, who already knows it in her heart , Leave Hong Kong in anger , Running away from home .

Finally, Yang Shoucheng and his daughter begged in every way , Ren manling returns to Yang's house .

But this time Yang Shoucheng still hasn't changed .

Final , Ren manling, who couldn't see the end of her marriage, happily released two words : divorce .

And Yang Shoucheng is not vague , Decide to liberate yourself completely , Started his single life .

After the divorce , When Yang Shoucheng embraces left and right , When writing all the fragrant and beautiful past in the book , Ren manling has left Hong Kong , Far away from the United States , But was cheated out of money .

But when Yang Shoucheng was romantic and happy ,37 Year old , Ushered in the first Waterloo of life .

Although Yang Shoucheng lingers in the gentle countryside , But Yang Shoucheng, who strives to make more money , Seize the time to list the company .

After that, Yang Shoucheng relied on his surplus cash to buy properties everywhere to preserve value .

And his first piece of land , That is, the Hong Kong situ Badao bought from Li Ka Shing 24 No. the property that backs the mountain and faces the sea .

More Than This , Yang Shoucheng also continues to expand the boundaries of his business .

In addition to testing the water, the real estate industry , I also bought my classmate's financial and foreign exchange company , Speculation in futures .

1979 year , With the expansion of financial business , King's financial company was established .

And then , Yang Shoucheng, who is so full of money, deeply deduces the old saying :

Hold up the courage , Starve the timid .

And he has been carrying out one sentence all his life :“ I have two dollars , Will do a ten dollar business .”

But just as Yang Shoucheng's industry is booming , A crisis came quietly .

1982 year 9 month , For political reasons , Hong Kong's economic property prices fell year-on-year 60%.

1983 It once faced a crash in , Financial markets are getting worse .

And Yang Shoucheng because of his previous over investment , Insolvency ,

Being wound up by HSBC , Luxury house 、 The yacht 、 Golden Card 、 Almost all the famous cars were confiscated .

In his words :“ Except for a watch 、 A set of clothes 、 A pair of glasses , There's nothing of your own anymore .”

More Than This , He still owes the bank 3.2 Million Hong Kong dollars .

overnight , Yang Shoucheng from “ The rich ” Turned into “ Negative Hao ”.

And this huge drop , It's the falling feeling of tall buildings that Yang Shoucheng has never experienced .

Yang Shoucheng lay in bed for several nights , Toss and turn and can't sleep .

But Yang Shoucheng's life , After the big fall , The goddess of luck touched his forehead with her finger again .

At the end of the road , Yang Shoucheng found HSBC , Say you still have the ability to operate ,

And persuade HSBC to hand over the mortgaged assets and business to him to continue , And he can work as a manager to pay off his debts .

With the understanding of Yang Shoucheng's ability , HSBC agreed to his terms : stay 8 Owe HSBC... Within the year 3.2 HK $billion to pay off .

That's it , Yang Shoucheng changed from a big boss to a wage earner .

Just then , Yang Shoucheng thought of his “ The master ”, He was once the of many rich people in Hong Kong “ Feng Shui Master ”.

After great changes , He immediately visited Uncle Chen .

Chen Bo said to him : You have the life to turn over 、 The luck of heavy light , To the West .

So Yang Shoucheng went home to pack his bags , To the Middle East and Kuwait .

Recall Kuwait , Yang Shoucheng said it was a period “ Boring and exciting ” The day of ,

There are no women here 、 No fun , Some just make endless money , Endless foreign currency .

Dollars filled his safe , The rest is stuffed under the bed and even the wardrobe , He sleeps with dollars all day .

Within three years , Yang Shoucheng took countless money , Return home , Get back to peak , A beautiful turnaround .

1987 year , Ye Zhiming founded feto entertainment , Then he invested in the film industry .

During the operation period , Keep borrowing money from Yang Shoucheng , Can't return after , Take out the flying picture to pay off the debt .

such , Yang Shoucheng stepped into the entertainment circle .

Ye Zhiming has also changed from a billionaire to a monk , Stepping into the pure land of Buddhism .

1998 year , Yang Shoucheng changed the company's name from flying chart entertainment to Emperor Entertainment , Started the journey of dominating the entertainment industry in Hong Kong .

meanwhile , Yang Shoucheng also restarted his new round of Conquest .

At that time , Joey Yung, who has just entered the entertainment industry, looks , No company is willing to sign her , I happened to meet Yang Shoucheng at the end of my life .

Yang Shoucheng said in an interview with reporters that :

Someone introduced Joey Yung to us , I told her to go to the hotel and listen to her singing , That day I thought she was more beautiful than Faye Wong .

When Joey Yung entered the room , Alan tam 、 Stephen Chow and Jackie Chan are all in , But she's calm .

At first, no one paid attention to Joey Yung , Everyone is drinking and guessing , It was not until later that she really sang well .

In Yang Shoucheng's mouth : Joey Yung has become more beautiful than Faye Wong , Dare in Jackie Chan 、 Singing in front of Stephen Chow “ Sister Yong ”.

The handsome and talented Joey Yung has become the Queen's favorite actress .

Fortunately, Joey Yung is good enough , Yang Shoucheng did not spend much effort to hold her to the throne of being a family flower .

More Than This , Yang Shoucheng also sent luxury cars 、 Give the diamond ring to Joey Yung , Two people once spread gossip and amazing black material .

But Yang Shoucheng, who has always liked self explosion, did not write these stories in the book , But a lot of low-key .

And he's in the entertainment industry , Joey Yung is not the only one “ Gossip girl ”.

Yang Shoucheng also had an affair with mainland female stars , For example, fan Jiuyi and “ The fairy elder sister ”.

But at the end of the story , No follow-up , And for the entertainment industry , This kind of rumor is the basic operation in the circle .

Although Yang Shoucheng likes beautiful women , Like to hunt for beauty .

But he is also the most loyal and domineering boss in the entertainment industry .

2008 year , Edison Chan “ Photo Events ” Exposure , Made a sensation all over the world , Involving many artists , Among them is the Royal artist Gillian .

This incident has greatly damaged Gillian's image , from “ Jade girl ” Fall to the “ Lust for women ”, The stars are destroyed .

And this also made the British emperor extremely embarrassed , Yang Shoucheng as the boss behind , Instead of hiding Gillian in the snow ,

Instead, I asked people everywhere to find relationships , Make the last effort for Gillian .

But the impact of the event is too great , It is difficult to suppress public opinion by public relations , Yang Shoucheng was in a hurry , Take Gillian to Thailand to worship “ The master ”.

stay “ The master ” At the suggestion of , Yang Shoucheng asks Gillian and ah sa Solo development .

After solo flight , Gillian continues to speak in public 、 Sing a song .

Although these years , Gillian still hasn't completely got rid of the shadow of the past , But boss Yang Shoucheng never gave up on her , There are still resources , My career is saved .

2018 year , Gillian finally found her own happiness , And Lai Hongguo officially held a wedding ceremony at a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong .

Many friends in the circle witnessed an unforgettable scene , Ancient megabase 、 Joey Yung and others attended the wedding .

There is also a special process at the wedding, which is the signing ceremony , New people and elders are required to act as witnesses .

Lai Hongguo's witness is his father , But because Gillian's father died as early as she was one year old ,

So I'll be her at the signing ceremony “ father ” One corner is Yang Shoucheng .

At the wedding , Yang Shoucheng spoke domineering , To Lai Hongguo :“ If it's bad for Gillian , Never come to Hong Kong .”

Although Gillian finally divided , But his words are full of love for Gillian .

More Than This , Yang Shoucheng has a wide range of friends , a cloud of good friends .

He is not only in politics and business in Hong Kong 、 People in the cultural and entertainment circles are both right and left , Also has extensive contacts in the Mainland ,

Han Sanping 、 Jiang wen 、 Feng xiaogang 、 Chen Kaige is a good friend with similar interests .

Yang Shoucheng, who has lived through ups and downs in his life, is over seventy years old , Now there is 78 year .

It has been more than 30 years since his brilliant business ambition .

If you can only concentrate his life in two words , So the word is : Strive for success .

Because he faced the ridicule around him more than once , But Yang Shoucheng can calmly face .

From a “ A despised dog ”, To the giant , Yang Shoucheng wrote his prosperous life with an ordinary pencil .

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