Zhang Hanyun's love affair is exposed. Why are they persuading her to run?

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zhang hanyun love affair exposed.

A corner of the Olympic Games , Quietly burst a love melon .

Zhang Hanyun and Tong Mengshi .

The two were photographed riding out of the street together , Date dinner .

Return after dinner , They walked back to the hotel .

Tong Mengshi also reached out and touched Zhang Hanyun's hair , In a secluded place, close hand in hand .

It really looks like a little couple dating in love .

Zhang Hanyun 89 Year of , Early beginnings , Many people know her .

Tong Mengshi 93 Year of , The most famous should be 《 Celebrate more than 》 Wuzhu, the cold noodle robot in the .

Sister brother love difference 4 year , Two people don't go through traffic , It looks like a good match .

But once the relationship is exposed , A large group of people asked their sister to shine her eyes , Run away .

Even for the promotion of the new play , And don't be a tool man .

The reason why fans are so not optimistic about this relationship , It's all because Tong Meng is really a variety show 《 In grade one 》 The word of mouth is too bad .

Even if the show is over 6 year , Tong Mengshi's bad is still impressive .

At that time, Tong Mengshi was one of the audit students selected from a thousand .

The official student of the program is the freshman in the play that year .

It is reasonable to say that the opportunity is rare , Visitors should seize the opportunity to study hard or win the favor of passers-by .

But Tong Mengshi didn't , Instead, he tore up the Acting variety X Love synthesis .

With Zhao shunran 、 Song Yanfei staged a dog blood triangle between two men and one woman .

Zhao shunran played 《 Secretly in love with orange and Huainan 》 Sheng Huainan, the male leader in the .

In this variety show, he gets along well with song Yanfei .

Zhao shunran's dance movements are not standard, and he may be eliminated if he is kept in training by the teacher , Song Yanfei comforted him ,

They are still talking in the body room .

And Tong Mengshi also likes song Yanfei , At that time, he directly said on the program that song Yanfei was his favorite girl .

How obvious is his performance , As soon as Zhao shunran approaches song Yanfei , Tong Mengshi is jealous .

After Zhao shunran was eliminated , Song Yanfei has a private contact with him , Tong Mengshi doesn't mind .

It doesn't matter that he is willing to fall in love at public expense , But bring the love brain to the group homework , It's really suffocating .

Once Tong Mengshi 、 Song Yanfei's professional experience as a flight attendant with the official student Ge Fuyin .

There are only two seats in the cabin , They have to pass the first aid test of cardiopulmonary resuscitation for aviation personnel , According to the score, three score two .

During the drill , Song Yanfei and Tong Mengshi , Yuan Shanshan and Ge Huiyin are working together temporarily .

Song Yanfei said she knew Tong Mengshi too well , It's embarrassing to kiss with artificial respiration .

Tong Mengshi listens , Immediately emotional down To the bottom of the valley .

Last , Of course song Yanfei didn't get the qualification to enter the cabin .

As a result, Tong Mengshi couldn't go as soon as song Yanfei heard it , I have to give up .

The scene was once awkward , Yuan Shanshan advised him to , He won't listen to .

Song Yanfei advised him to stop fooling around .

Tong Mengshi played a child's temper and said , You gave up , I also give up .

Miserable , Or Ge Yiyin miserable .

It's a group of three , Ge Fuyin can never have a name .

A good job , Make a mess of your love brain teammates .

The whole game , She was completely ignored , It doesn't mean going forward or going back .

No one is speechless .

More speechless is still behind .

Ge Yiyin's mood was a little broken , Song Yanfei feels very sorry .

Tong Mengshi is still immersed in the grievance that he has not been kissed by artificial respiration .

Yuan Shanshan talks to him , Tell him not to lose his temper .

Tong Mengshi ran away directly ,

Can't I stay alone for a while ?

Who messed up the whole flight attendant experience , And lose your temper with others , I'd rather do it .

The latter three are divided into a group to play a sketch , Even more suffocating .

The program stipulates that the group script must be handed in the next day .

The other groups started rehearsing early .

But Ge Fuyin couldn't wait for her teammates .

Why are these two people missing ?

People left Ge Yuyin for a date .

Their initial plot is a dog blood triangle .

Ge Yiyin plays Tong Mengshi and is now , Song Yanfei plays his predecessor .

Tong Meng said he couldn't find the feeling , I want to be a couple with song Yanfei .

Okay , Then you two have to tell your partner Ge Yiyin the idea of the script .

They don't , I seem to forget that there is Ge Fuyin .

They walked hand in hand 、 Dinner together , And watched a movie together .

When they were having an affair at public expense , Ge Fuyin is staying up late to write a script .

The next day, I went to the rehearsal room early to wait for my teammates to rehearse .

As soon as I urge them to come and arrange the plot , Song Yanfei somehow knows that she is worried and feels guilty .

Tong Mengshi is just like nobody , They said with a smile that they were doing something more important .

Yes , Being ambiguous is the more important thing in his eyes .

Substitute for the school group work , Do nothing , Let go and throw a bunch of things to your classmates ,

Or put aside business because of love in the workplace , Finally, let your colleagues finish , The fist hardened in minutes !

Even if some fans defended him that everything was set up by the program team , But after the show , Tong Mengshi's popularity with passers-by has actually been affected .

As an actor , Even if word of mouth doesn't work , Good acting can also make up for passers-by's favor .

But Tong Mengshi's acting is worse than his reputation .

14 He made his debut in , It has been six or seven years now , For so many years, he has only one uncle wuzhu to take .

Wuzhu still covers his eyes , It's the kind that facial paralysis can play .

Take off the blindfold , Tong Meng is really 《 Actors, please be in position 》 Li Xiaoyao is directly portrayed as a greasy and playful little ruffian .

Xi ti is the worst in the group .

But whoever saw his Li Xiaoyao , I can't help but want to wash my eyes with the original .

In contrast, Zhang Hanyun , Sister Pao wrote about her before .

04 The third place super girl made her debut , a 《 Sweet and sour is me 》 All over the river .

Although I dropped out of school , Play big , All kinds of negative rumors such as rumors were hit to silence for a time ,

But because 《 Princess Lanling 》, Popularity return .

After that 《 Near the border 》, Zhang Hanyun challenged many dubbing clips with different styles , A wave of praise .

In sister Lang , She also showed her singing and dancing skills .

All kinds of shapes are also good , hold 30+ My sister's self-confident charm is very delicate .

She and Tong Mengshi are completely opposite .

Although love is like drinking water , affair .

But I still want my beautiful sister to polish her eyes , Don't be blinded by the freshness of the moment .

The delay of a scholar can still be taken off , A woman can't take off , In love, we should talk , It's good to have fun in time , But is this man a good man , We still need to get along with each other and distinguish them carefully .

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