"Song with the king" premiered with a strong lineup and full of suspense. The audience responded with mixed praise and criticism

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song king premiered strong lineup

8 month 8 Japan , New costume drama 《 Song with Jun 》 It's officially on air .

The play is based on a novel 《 Sword instrument line 》 Adaptation , Original name 《 Wake up Chang'an 》. According to relevant sources , Because in recent years “ changan ” There are too many TV series , So it was later renamed 《 Song with Jun 》.

The play is about twin sisters separated by misfortune when they were young , The latter two are in a hostile camp , My sister doesn't remember her sister because she loses her memory , My sister didn't recognize my adult sister .

Sister Cheng Ruoyu and sister Qiu Yanzhi meet again like fate , Together with Li Yan, known as the young emperor, he was involved in the situation of the court , Two people face difficulties together , Love will come in time , Finally fell in love .

The play is starred by Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi , The two have worked together many times before . Before in the film and television drama 《 Glass 》 The role played by the two is the relationship between their sister and their brother-in-law , This time 《 Song with Jun 》 in , The two play lovers directly , The tacit understanding is complete ,cp It's very strong .

Except for the two stars , The play also has Han Dong 、 He Shengming 、 Xuanlu and other powerful actors joined , The cast is very strong .

《 Song with Jun 》 It's huanrui century 《 Glass 》 Then another large-scale costume play , With 《 Glass 》 The fire , The play is almost expected , Fire before sowing .

Many fans have also been starred before 《 Glass 》 Chengyi circle powder , This time, I came straight for him .

It was broadcast yesterday ,《 Song with Jun 》 This play occupies the first place on the satellite TV list ,“ Cheng Yi's acting skills ” And other topics also rushed to the microblog hot search list , High audience participation .

However , According to the plot updated last night , The audience's evaluation of the play is also polarized .

This play is a big conspiracy costume play , It's also a “ Internet reform drama ”. And other romantic costume dramas , And the popular costume drama 《 Yulouchun 》 comparison , The plot of this conspiracy costume drama obviously fluctuates more , Character relationships are more complex .

But the advantage of this play is , At the beginning of the play , It clearly shows the contradictory main line of the whole play , That is the struggle for power between the emperor and the eunuch ,

The branch line of the story is probably the emotional line between male leader Li Yan and female leader Cheng Ruoyu .

Some people say , The biggest loophole in this historical adaptation lies in its inconsistency with historical facts , Making this up .

Judging from the current plot ,《 Song with Jun 》 There are most adaptations “ Common failing ”. such as , Emperor Li Yan has a prototype in history , But the prototype Li Yan is addicted to Buddhism and Taoism , Feudal superstition , Take pills for immortality .

Later, he died because he took the poisonous pill , He was thirty-three years old , Six years in office , It's also a premature death .

Another example , There is no archetype of Cheng Ruoyu and Qiu Yanzhi in history , Basically fictional , Naturally, there will be no love between Cheng Ruoyu and Li Yan .

It is worth noting that , Eunuch dictatorship was a very serious thing in the Tang Dynasty , So there are many history books that record that history . Now that the play has chosen this historical background , It is bound to face the test of historical data .

The audience said , If you look at the play from a historical point of view , Naturally, there are many problems . Tamper with history , The plot is fictional , This kind of plot is easy to cause misunderstanding to the audience , It may even mislead teenagers' understanding of history .

Of course , Some viewers also said , If we only regard this play as a conspiracy costume play , That's worth looking forward to .

After all, there are a group of powerful actors , There are many more 《 Glass 》 Familiar with the lineup , Old opera bone He Zhonghua 、 Yao Yichen and other supporting roles are undoubtedly icing on the cake .

The acting skills of men and women are also continuously online , Sprinkle sugar as soon as the broadcast starts , The audience even shouted that it was too sweet , The sugar content seriously exceeds the standard .

Many viewers also said that they went for the beauty of male host Cheng Yi and female host Zhang Yuxi . They are not only good at acting , Your appearance is also resistant , Handsome men with beautiful women , Who can refuse ?

In addition to the actors and the plot , The online time of the play is also a big advantage .

The play chose to start at 8 p.m. on Hunan Satellite TV , Pick up a TV play 《 My love for you is beautiful 》, Synchronous broadcast on network platform .

Need to know , The golden file of Hunan Satellite TV has always been the focus of various film and television dramas . The play can start smoothly at this time , I think I still have some strength .

The first day of broadcasting ,《 Song with Jun 》 Whether the play is well received or badly criticized , In a way , Still got some attention .

I think , A strong cast alone is difficult to support the popularity of a play . therefore , If the show wants fire , It still depends on how the plot develops , I hope not to drive high and walk low .

I don't know how the plot will develop in the future ? What sweet moments will men and women have ? Let's look forward to it .

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