Who is cooking the rice circle culture?

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cooking rice circle culture

Hot search brush list 、 Organized aid and krypton gold investment are emerging one after another , Stirring the rice circle “ Muddy water ” At the same time, it has caused the alienation of Korean entertainment industry system in China .

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Wu Yifan's storm didn't end because of the criminal detention . Some fanatical fans for “ save ” Love bean , I'm going to leave a message on the official website of the Canadian Embassy 、 Kneel at the gate of Chaoyang District Court . What is more , Created “ Rescue group ”, Threatened to implement “ Prison break plan ”.

For such extreme behavior , The state media have denounced . CCTV issued a document saying , Extreme rice circle culture appears in the entertainment circle , It makes star chasing smell , Values are out of alignment , Public order, good customs and social ethics have also been forgotten , Some have been suspected of breaking the law .《�t Look at Oriental weekly 》 The commentary said : Bitter all over the world “ Rice circle ” Culture has been around for a long time !

Star chasing is a common form of entertainment , Rice circle culture is also based on “ innocent ”. But in recent years , Rice circle culture from popular science artists' works and professional ability , Work together to improve the environment , Keep sliding into another abyss , Those who disagree with their idols , They even use human flesh search extremely 、 Phone harassment 、 Anonymous reporting and other means , Prevent the adverse remarks against Aidou .

Why is the rice circle culture so deformed and chaotic ? This paper attempts to analyze the evolution of rice circle culture in China 、 And industrial chain , To explore this problem .

alienation : The acceleration and stall of rice circle culture

2005 year , The second session of Hunan Satellite TV 《 Super girl 》 The night of the final , Li Yuchun, winner and runner up 、 Zhou Bichang 、 Zhang Liangying's SMS votes are 3528308、3270840、1353906 Zhang . In the age when functional machines have not been popularized , These votes were cast by fans in a text message .

It is generally believed in academic circles that ,《 Super girl 》 It is the beginning of China's star chasing culture . This year , The birth of “ Super girl ” Fans group , Fans of different players spontaneously formed a camp , Cheer for them 、 Cheer and vote , And nickname them , For example, Li Yuchun's fans claim “ corn ”. It was the earliest era of group fanaticism , It is also the best era of fan ecology .

2014 It became a watershed around the year . Wu queer 、 Lu Han and other small fresh meat from the Korean idol cultivation industrial system have returned to China for development . Their arrival , It has not only changed the ecology of domestic stars , It also brings the unique characteristics of South Korea “ Rice circle culture ”.

First look at the star ecology . Before that , Stars take works as their lifeline , Make a circle by acting , And harvest a lot of fans , Huang Xiaoming 、 Liu Ye 、 Deng Chao is the representative of this period . After this , A new star chasing environment has emerged , They don't depend on the quality of their work , Even if there is no work , By selling people , Can also get a large number of loyal fans . This Korean style “ idol ”, It is the methodology explored by the Korean entertainment industry system for many years .

Look at the introduction of rice circle culture . So-called “ Rice circle ”, That's right “ Fans circle ” The nickname . In Korea , Idol fans gathered spontaneously , Form strict discipline 、 A clear division of responsibilities 、 A highly mobile organization , They will spontaneously 、 Set up a station for idols free of charge 、 Post publicity 、 Assistance, etc . For the young Chinese at that time , Everything is new . Need to know , Previously, he pursued stars in China , Fans are still just buying albums 、 Watching the film and television plays starring him is relatively shallow , And unsystematic level .

therefore , Introduction of Korean entertainment industry system , In fact, it is the first Internet transformation of the domestic idol industry , That is, through mobilization C End ( fans ), Idols can be realized easily and quickly . meanwhile ,C The high enthusiasm of the end will be right B End ( The cast 、 Evening party 、 Variety show, etc ) Forming pressure , Encourage them to use more popular idols .

What a perfect ecological closed loop . Based on this , Lu Han 、 Wu Yifan and other Korean idols , Through the mobilization of core fans , Create topics and hot searches on social media , Continue to gain a large number of fans , Let them get the opportunity to play an important film and television play , It also gained very high bargaining power . generally , In Korea , The status and economic remuneration of idols are lower than those of powerful actors , And in China , These Korean idols will have more opportunities and financial rewards than powerful actors , Some can even take away more than half of the production cost of film and television dramas .

Why did this happen ? Guojin Securities said in a research report , First , The development of China's entertainment content industry is still far from perfect , Industry standards are low , The film industry 、 Drama industry and idol industry are not fully differentiated .

secondly , The consumption tendency and aesthetic taste of Chinese audiences are not mature , It shows a trend of drifting with the current , Unlike Japan and South Korea, there has been a solid stratification . Third , Brokerage companies in China 、 Film and television content companies are not mature enough , Lack of bargaining power in front of idols , Can only give a lot of profits to idols .

At the peak of idol ,“ Rice circle culture ” Also began to get out of control , Towards alienation . In order to maintain the image of idols , Some fans don't allow ordinary netizens to express their disapproval of AI Dou 、 Don't like , What is more , Use of cyber violence against Internet users . On the other hand , Based on the importance of traffic to stars ,“ Rice circle ” To help stars accumulate more traffic , So as to obtain more benefits , There was a premeditation 、 Control and comment on social platforms in an organized way 、 Brush list, etc .

Several years after the Chinese localization attempt of Korean entertainment industry system , It has embarked on a road very different from that of South Korea . In the process , Who is the booster ?

Hot search : A controllable flow illusion

The emergence of microblog , It is a subversive change in China's public opinion field . On the one hand, it has changed the mode of information dissemination , Let the reception of information 、 Release breaks through the limitations of time and space ; On the other hand, it is a reconstruction of the discourse power of social media , The media discourse system dominated by elites in the past blog era has been broken , The audience's right to speak has been greatly liberated .

meanwhile , Microblog has also become the main position of star chasing . On twitter , Fans turn 、 Fabulous 、 Interact with idols , At the same time, boost the further diffusion of traffic . Microblogging can also provide fan portraits and traffic analysis , This has greatly promoted brokerage companies 、 Production and distribution decisions of production companies .

2014 year 8 month 19 Japan , Lu Han is in 2012 year 9 A micro-blog from Manchester United fan club in May , Get... Together 1316.39 Ten thousand comments , Officially certified by Guinness as “ Most commented blog posts ”, It has become the first Guinness world record published by Chinese social media in China , It shows how enthusiastic the fans are . so to speak , Microblog is the promoter and beneficiary of the Internet based entertainment industry .

Under the business model of entertainment industry with idol as the core , Traffic has become an absolute factor to measure the influence of stars , Further , It affects the commercial value of stars . And this commercial value , In the microblog ecology, it is the number of praise comments that can be transferred by the star microblog 、 Number of hot searches 、 Quantified by hits and other data . among , The role of heat search is very important . Original , Looking at the hot search list is to know what happened that day . Little imagine , Hot search is a business wandering in the gray area , As long as you're willing to spend money , You can get the hot search location , It's an open secret .

In the near future ,《 Finance and economics, 》 The magazine reported that , There are two main channels for microblog hot search : First, directly talk to the official microblog about business cooperation ( The third and sixth places in the hot search list are fixed advertising spaces ), The second is to find a third-party list brushing company familiar with microblog algorithm “ brush ” Up .

“ Generally speaking , Artists rarely buy fixed advertising spaces directly . Or entrust a third party to brush the list , Or establish a long-term cooperation mechanism with microblog , Get some on the list ‘ Convenience ’.” A publicity director of a brokerage company said .《 Finance and economics, 》 Ask the official business cooperation phone of microblog , The other party made it clear , The price of Article 3 in the hot search list is per day 140 Ten thousand yuan , Article 6 is every day 120 Ten thousand yuan .

Hot grey industrial chain , Let hot search begin to be pan entertainment . In this way , Traffic fraud has almost become an unspoken secret of the industry , And these bought traffic , It has indeed become an idol acceleration machine , Around the idol “ Rice circle ” fans , Virtually become an accomplice to the false prosperity of traffic .

Microblog has also been punished by relevant departments because of hot search . for example 2018 year , Hip hop singers PG One First, he was exposed to an affair with a star , Later, he was killed by Ziguangge 、 People's daily and other official media criticized by name . thereafter , Some fans mistook Ziguangge for a hotel official micro , So they bought hot search “ Ziguangge gutter oil ” Hot search , To bring down Ziguangge .

Regarding this , Microblog failed to fulfill its obligation to review illegal information , Continue to spread hype oriented error 、 Vulgar pornography 、 Ethnic discrimination and other serious problems of illegal and harmful information , Hot search list required 、 The topic list was fined off the line for rectification for a week . But repeated rectification , It has not fundamentally interrupted the grey industrial chain of microblog . Instead, in the rice circle culture , Provides fertile soil .

Organization : Brokerage companies and fantou with different plans

With the localization of Korean rice circle culture , Fans have also learned to set up a station for their idols . For example, the official station 、 Help station 、 Anti Mafia stations and even artists' unofficial and unauthorized aid stations are common fan organizations on microblog . In this group , Have decision-making power over fan organizations 、 Economic rights , A senior manager who can organize a fan team to operate efficiently and orderly , Usually the president of the backup Association 、 depot 、 Post bar owner 、 Vermicelli powder head . Their work , Including video clips and other materials 、 Brush data 、 Control review 、 Anti Mafia, etc .

There are media reports said , The main “ Assistance ” Fan fund-raising platform , Provide various aid commodities , Small to peripheral production , Big to subway 、 Bus 、 Airport advertising, etc , Each form of assistance is regarded as a commodity , The profit of such platforms mainly comes from the price difference . The main “ Crowd-funding ” Fan fund-raising platform , It helps fans raise funds with various theme activities , Such platforms are like fund custodians , The profit model mainly depends on crowdfunding .

Some fans will also do the business of reselling stations . say concretely , Is specially responsible for building the station when the idol is not popular , Sell it when the artist is famous . More often, fans who joined the backup club before the star fire , Later become a manager , Deal with aid fund-raising and other affairs .

In recent years, , Quite a few “ Pinhead ” Start using idols “ Reverse circle money ”, Form their own interest chain . Members of the publicity group of a star's backup Association once told the media ,“ Pinhead ” Will use their own star resources , Selling Star flight information , Meet the wishes of fans to pick up the plane . Some more “ Frontline powder head ” After taking a picture of the star , Get “ Rice circle ” Sell , such “ Acting as a photographer ” Great market , Fans are also willing to pay for such photos .

There are real fans in these high-rise buildings , Know technology and spend money when you have time , Also willing to generate electricity for love , There are also some high-level stars as a career , This is called “ Powder ”, Professional fans . Some cosmetics are directly employed by artists' brokerage companies , Even if it's not an employment relationship , The two are also ambiguous . Brokerage companies need backup 、“ Big powder ” Vote or support artists , The support committee will also put forward some requirements for brokerage companies to ensure film and television resources .

“ Powder ” One of the major functions of is to guide public opinion , In the rice circle . Anecdote , Lu Han 、 Zhang Yuqi 、 The former agent of Qiao Xin and other stars, Yang naive, has 800 Marketing number , It's too easy to bring rhythm on Weibo . Yang naive did not respond positively to this , But he admitted that he had self media . Fat powder is brainwashing for the inside 、 Solid powder , Even do not hesitate to treat fans, from idol effect to emotional identity to mental control : For example, there must be no “ top of a wall ”, Just can't like other idols , Another example is that you have to buy the same album repeatedly . It's a heavy blow to the outside world , Anti black 、 Leading battle 、 Control review .

2019 year 7 to 10 during one month , Xiao Zhan fans and scientist Yan Ning 、 Filmmaker Cheng Qing had a direct experience 、 Long term network conflict . earlier , Xiao Zhan's fans failed to publicize Xiao Zhan to Yan Ning , Then in 7 January began to harass Yan Ning .10 during one month , Yan Ning expressed his anger on his microblog . then , Xiao Zhan's fans report Yan Ning's academic fraud .9 month , A film starring Xiao Zhan 《 , I》 release , Cheng Qingsong criticized Xiao Zhan's acting skills on his microblog , Trigger Xiao Zhan's fan attack .

last year , Xiao Zhan's pink head , That is, zanbi bunny in Banan District, the opinion leader who has the right to speak in the rice circle , Dissatisfied with Xiao Zhan CP Fan Didi's companion article written in the escape , Organize fans to report overseas novel websites on a large scale AO3, This caused the station to be blocked , This has angered many subcultures , Microblog for a while 、 You know 、 Douban has become the main battlefield of both sides .

Stir the water in the rice circle , The purpose of the brokerage company is to enhance the commercial value of idols , Senior executives also have their own ways to make profits , Or just or not , Only the fans who were instructed to rush to the tower , The most thankless .

variety : Star making of youaiteng “ The arms race ”

At home , It is the best way to replicate star making in South Korea's entertainment industry system , Nothing is better than variety shows , Especially the network variety show . Created by Tencent video 《 The children of tomorrow 》《 create 101》 series 、 Made by iqiyi 《 There is your youth 》 series , Made by Youku 《 In the name of group 》 series , Incubated hundreds of idols .

They changed the way they selected the draft in the past , Fans have more and more initiative , The role of mentors is infinitely weakened , Fans have become the most critical force in deciding whether a player will make a debut .

Why do you do this ? Guojin Securities said in a research report , In the variety of idol cultivation Department , Fans before the idol became famous , By vote 、 Pay and other means to pay for its debut , Guide fans to care about them in the process of giving 、 Love emotion , So as to form a high degree of stickiness between fans and idols .

In this mode , Cultivating idols in the system is often because fans pay more money and emotion , Therefore, there is a higher interdependence between fans and idols , This high degree of interdependence , Finally, fans may burst into high purchasing power , Then form the domestic fan economy . therefore , We see , Aiyouteng spare no effort to build an idol cultivation network .

First , With the popularity of variety show, you can earn various naming fees from advertisers first . secondly , The program earns ratings and membership dues , such as 2018 Talent show fire ,43.8% Of 《 create 101》 Of the audience bought Tencent members ,35.5% Of 《 Idol trainee 》 The audience bought iqiyi's members . Last , If you have your own brokerage company after the program , You can also make a steady stream of money , For example, Wah haw of Tencent department is responsible for creating the operation of debut artists .

There is a phenomenon in psychology called halo effect , Halo effect . Halo is an indistinct phenomenon when the moon is shrouded in a halo . This effect means that people's cognition and judgment of things and people often start from the local , Then the overall phenomenon is obtained by diffusion .

If a person is marked as good , In your eyes , He will be shrouded in an aura of positive affirmation , And be endowed with the quality that everything is beautiful . My favorite brother and sister in the idol cultivation program , Often because of a lens 、 Captured on a stage , They were at their best 、 The best state shows people , Youth, sunshine and vitality , This beauty is under the action of halo effect , Will zoom in to all aspects of the idol .

Teenagers are not mature enough , Personality is still developing , Correct values may not be fully established , It is difficult to resist the temptation of carefully packaged capital . In order to make the program more popular 、 More loyal fans , The advertiser's father is more satisfied , The producers of the program have thought a lot of tricks , The rice circle is becoming more and more crazy .

Talent shows let fans talk with money . No, VIP The number of votes per day must be lower than that of distinguished members , Noble members can't beat krypton gold users who get additional voting rights by buying sponsor products . such as ,《 Idol trainee 》 During broadcast , Tmall farmer spring flagship store was snapped up , A serious shortage . Because it's too hot , Tmall's flagship store even launched purchase restrictions , Every ID Home purchase restrictions 3 box .

When they go deep into the link of idol cultivation , Hello Idol Debut , Reduced to an endless battle of money . There is a kind of cost called sunk cost , The more money you spend on him , The more emotions you inject , The harder it is to pull away , So some people change from passers-by powder to loyal powder, and may eventually become brain powder . This can also explain why some stars fall to pieces , There are still extreme fans “ Don't abandon ”, I am moved by myself .

Aiyouteng's money only shooting method , It also makes full use of the psychology of fans , Let fans have a sense of participation 、 Sense of company and honor , Can unite and cooperate on this matter for the good of my brother , Sustained krypton gold , At the same time, it also promotes the development of the rice circle in a more unhealthy direction .

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