Several American stars are proud not to take a bath. Stone Johnson, 49, responded, "wash three times a day."

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american stars proud bath. bath

A few days ago, because of Hollywood actor Jack ・ Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal) In an interview with 《 Vanity Fair 》 In an interview , I think bathing is more and more unnecessary , Because the skin has self-cleaning function . This sentence is also ironic , Because of this 《 Brokeback Mountain 》 Star is also the spokesman of perfume . And when Gyllenhaal was proud of his lack of Hygiene , Several more American stars have come forward , It is also proud to say that it is a person who does not take a bath , As if this is a trend .

And according to 8 month 8 Japan 《 Sixth pages 》 Reported that , Boulder Johnson is right “ No bathing ” Responded , He said he was just the opposite of those people ,“ When I got up, I started bathing , Cold bath , Shower before work or after exercise , Warm water , I have to wash it once when I come home from work , Hot water ”. In addition 49 The - year-old Hollywood tough guy also talked about some details when he took a bath ,“ wash one 's face , Wash your body , Exfoliator , And I sing , Although it will be out of tune ”.

Johnson didn't respond like this for no reason , It's because someone on social media @ He was , And call him “ You can't be a stinking star ”, And this post has also been responded by many people , Some of them said , Had contact with Johnson , He smells really fresh . In addition, some people joked that , The biggest thing about Johnson is the taste of the food . Although he is a well-known fitness expert , But Johnson always gives himself an indulgence day from time to time , Enjoy the delicious food , And he is also willing to share with his fans , Comparable to “ Eat bloggers ”.

As mentioned earlier , It is said that several American stars are proud that they don't take a bath , Including Ashley ・ Kutcher and Mira ・ Cooness, the Hollywood couple . When they appear on a podcast , call “ They only wash where they think it is necessary every day ”, Mira only washes her face . And their children are treated the same way ,“ Only wash visible dirt ”.

And in the 《 Frozen 》 Who voiced Anna in 41 Year old actress Christine ・ bell , Similar to the star couple in front , When she mentioned parenting, she said ,“ I just wait for the smell to appear , This is the time to clean up ”.

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