Song Zhixiao had only one sentence in the opening 20 minutes. Meng Zhi's efforts in RM were a little distressing

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song zhixiao sentence opening minutes.

stay 8 month 8 Broadcast on 《running man》 in , From the beginning of the program , Until the broadcast is near 20 In minutes , No stupid word . In the opening self introduction sitcom , Quan Zhao �F、 Jin Zhongguo and ha ha all talked one by one , Only there is no ignorant content , The reason is unknown .

Ignorant speechless also attracted the attention of many viewers , Some people think it's because she doesn't work hard enough , Some people feel that they are ignorant and don't know what to say . Some people even say it worse , They called the ignorant aunt , While shouting to let Mengzhi get off . Seeing this , I really feel ignorant RM It's a little painful to work hard in .

Since the dog brother Jiang Gary from 《running man》 After you get off , Meng Zhi is not as active in the program as before . The main reason , Still ignorant, I can't find my accurate positioning .

If you go back to the previous program , You will find that in the days when brother dog just left , Mengzhi still records the program according to the previous style . Later in Quanzhao �F After joining Liang shican , The weight of ignorant programs is gradually reduced , Many game clips have been deleted . after that , Ignorance is a little marginalized .

Then Zheng Zhemin left , Baobi becomes the Lord PD after , The weight of ignorant programs has increased significantly . But compared with the past , Ignorance is still not active enough , One of the key reasons is the change of program content .

Former RM Game oriented , At that time, the members were relatively young , Let's run together , Tear up the famous brand . And now the members are old , I can't run any more . The program becomes dominated by conversation , Many games are Q & A 、 Guess words and so on . And none of these happen to be what Mengzhi is good at , So her advantage is not as obvious as before , Her weight in the program is relatively much less .

But even so , In the program , Meng Zhi still works hard . For example, a game link in the latest program , The members are going to put flour into a ladle , Finally, there is more flour in the ladle than in which team . Looking at Mengzhi, he carefully poured the flour into the ladle , Finally, I feel a little sad when I look a little stingy .

To recall RM Decade , Meng Zhi paid too much for the program . After Meng Zhi joined the program , she “ Bad wisdom and filial piety ” The image of is deeply loved by the public . For the show , She jumped down from the Macao Tower , Hang gliding in Switzerland , Rocking on a cliff swing upside down in New Zealand . Don't say she's a woman , What many men dare not do , Ignorant wisdom has done .

It is no exaggeration to say , As long as you are an old fan of the program, you should know that ignorance is for RM How to spell . Now because of ignorance, I don't speak , If she's not active enough, she doesn't work hard , Those who call ignorant wisdom aunts , Did the person who let her off the bus never think about what she had done before RM Make a contribution ?

Now look RM Spectator , It's not just the content , And a feeling , One is close to 11 Years of feelings , That's the main thing !

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