Guo Qilin was scolded for "seeing people and serving dishes". In the program, he was accused of "talking about people behind their backs" and the human setup collapsed

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guo qilin scolded seeing people

《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 》 to update , Taohuawu holds a fashion Carnival , Su mang became the busiest person in the whole dock . In this issue, Guo Qilin was severely criticized by the barrage for being lazy .

Guo Qilin was “ scold ” lazy ?

Guo Qilin has always had a good reputation , In the past two years ,《 My husband 》、《 Celebrate more than 》 Two fires , A movie starring , A film with a brilliant performance , Impress the audience . Recently, Guo Qilin has appeared in many variety shows , Can be said to be very busy . To participate in 《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 》 Variety show recording , In the variety show, Guo Qilin always shows you “ The world is sober ” And happiness .

But this issue , Because a fragment , Guo Qilin's reputation in the program appeared 180 Big reversal , Many netizens left messages on the bullet screen , They accused Guo Qilin of being lazy , It's too much .

The guest attending Taohuawu is an artist Chen , Earlier, Chen held activities of sleeping in groups and putting on masks and spraying paint in groups , Chen has always hoped that through his own artistic activities , Increase the distance between members . Let's be honest , Say the truth , Do something serious .

Face the camera , Will the star guests tell the truth ? In this program ,650 Live on the radio , Wang Sulong 、 Li Xueqin 、 Guo Qilin 、 Ramu Yoko interviewed Meng Ziyi . Four place cue When Meng Ziyi arrived, he took part in this program and compared it with the last program . Mencius said directly that this time there was no last time “ scheme against each other ”. Four friends interrupted urgently , Help Meng Jieyuan go back . obviously , Face the camera , We can't tell the truth .

But there is no doubt that , Two art activities , Chen himself has caused everyone's incomprehension and maladjustment .

After Chen's two artistic activities , Wang Sulong became the newly elected dock master

Before Chen leaves office , Let everyone in the meeting , Pinch the plasticine in your hand at will . So in this issue , When everyone gets together in Taohua stronghold . The plasticine made by everyone was made into an artistic sculpture .

Chen came in and asked everyone to come out and help move things , Most people answered . however , Guo Qilin said Chen picked a boy who couldn't work the most .

When Chen is in a mysterious and happy mood , Call everyone out to help , When I said there was a surprise for everyone . Guo Qilin and Li Xueqin didn't leave the house .

Everyone went out to help move things

See this situation , Guo Qilin make complaints about Li Xueqin. :“ Ask your friend , I don't have any intersection with you ” Li Xueqin :“ I'll ask you for help ”.

You have a friend , I don't have any intersection with you , But I'll ask you for help .

The question just happened to be ,650 Several people in the radio station are in the problem of soliciting netizens , What you see . It's just , When Chen asked everyone for help , Guo Qilin was make complaints about it. .

And then , Collective activity of moving sculptures

Guo Qilin and Li Xueqin did not appear , Stay in the house all the time .

Because I didn't help move things , Guo Qilin was scolded for being lazy 、 I'll see you

Netizens make complaints about :

Some viewers are very dissatisfied with Guo Qilin's performance here , First of all, I think this is a gift for everyone . This also includes the sculpture made by Guo Qilin himself , But Guo Qilin didn't appear in the group activities on the grounds that he couldn't move . Some viewers said , Guo Qilin doesn't help move things , Still make complaints about Chen Chenchen. , It's really unacceptable .

Some viewers said , Li Xueqin 、 Guo Qilin and others revealed from time to time in the program “ The world is sober ”, It's just laziness . This program is an artist creating peach blossom dock , Instead of coming to a place to travel and have a holiday . As a guest , If you don't have any creative ideas , Then be your tool man .

Netizens make complaints about , before , Several people expressed their unwillingness to hold the meeting during the meeting , Think it's a waste of time , But willing to be a tool man , It's a brick , Everybody, who needs it , They helped . in other words , Exchange labor for immobility . But when Chen asked for your help , Li Xueqin and Guo Qilin push and block , Complaining a lot .

Make complaints about some audiences. , Another part of the audience also left messages in the barrage , Everyone has the right to refuse , Don't move if you don't want to . Why should others help , You must help ? Everyone has the right to say no , Be yourself .

For surprises , Some netizens make complaints about themselves , I can't see others being nice to me , Don't want to trouble others , And think about returning the favor . So surprise is sometimes a shock , For people who fear society, there is no need for surprises . Don't want to be disturbed , And I don't want to bother others . Guo Qilin and Chen just don't intersect , No interaction .

Some netizens make complaints about them. , Chen Chen has always been difficult to get along with , And more serious , And ponder the impression of collective art activities . Although there is some wishful thinking about what we do , There are also many mistakes in methods , Make everyone a little unhappy . But Chen has been doing things for this group , Always wanted to do something for the group . Although he has his own artistic persistence , But Chen's first consideration is the whole .

Guo Qilin 、 Li Xueqin participates in group activities , But always output personal values , Is it a personal show or a collective reality show to participate in the collective variety show ?

Make complaints about bullet screen comments , Chen Chen is clumsy , But I always wanted to integrate into the big family . Also pay attention , Surprise everyone . But the actions of Li Xueqin and Guo Qilin , Obviously, the social circle has been drawn , Excluding Chen .

Li Xueqin and Guo Qilin make complaints about sharing bicycles , Help whoever calls

Netizens think they are very sad . Netizens make complaints about , Both of them speak well , But the kind that doesn't actually pay much . Neither of them can cook , You can only take care of me in Taohua stronghold 、 Feed , It's right to work hard . For Peng Chuyue's help , The two described it as “ Internal volume ”.

Many netizens expressed that , One tries to help others , Then he didn't talk much , Just don't grab the camera , Why are they still said to be “ Internal volume ”. Everyone is like salted fish , Then Taohua stronghold can't do anything . I don't want to do anything , Praised as sober , But I want to do something 、 What works hard is “ Internal volume ”?

in fact , Because one clip characterizes the two , It's not right .

before , Guo Qilin has always been praised for being happy , There's always someone there who needs help . I also said in the program that I rubbed around , So I have to help around . At the same time, he said he was also a person who was willing to help .

before , Some netizens posted a video on the social platform , And a caption said :“ Guo Qilin in 《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 》 The interview said that the media teacher didn't hold an umbrella , So I don't need an umbrella , It's too warm !” therefore , The host on one side proposed , Let the staff hold umbrellas for the guests . However , Guo Qilin immediately refused , He waved his big hand and said : Neither the media nor the staff held umbrellas , You don't have to fight yourself , Refuse special treatment .

in fact , Li Xueqin helped sister Su mang deal with the small vegetable garden before , Earth moving 、 Sow 、 Loosening the soil has also been done for a long time .

Where did Guo Qilin need to go in the past , But the recording of this program , Lens representation and caption identification , Mostly lip service , Don't want to be disturbed . Some of the audience said , Such people are very unfriendly to the reputation of artists . Li Xueqin is in 《 Desired life 》 Did a lot of work in .

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