Liu Xiaoqing once asked distant relatives to be nannies for three times his salary. Unexpectedly, relatives made Liu Xiaoqing regret

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liu xiaoqing distant relatives nannies

Liu Xiaoqing Zeng 3 Double the salary and ask distant relatives to be nannies , Who knows that Liu Xiaoqing's relatives have made him regret

once , Liu Xiaoqing is too busy filming ,500 The flat mansion is not cleaned , It happened that a distant relative asked her to find a job , therefore , She said to her distant relatives :“ If you don't mind , I went out 3 Double your salary , My family just needs a nanny !” But when relatives came , Liu Xiaoqing's intestines are almost green with regret .

Early years , Liu Xiaoqing is too hot , Busy filming all day , There's no time to clean such a big mansion at home . therefore , She plans to hire a nanny , But I haven't found the right one . It happened that once she went back to her hometown to visit her relatives , Distant relatives asked her to find a job for her daughter in the city .

Distant relatives said to Liu Xiaoqing : My daughter's educational level is not high , But she's smart and capable 、 Sharp hands and feet , You can find any kind of job . Liu Xiaoqing's eyes lit up instantly , I happen to be looking for a nanny , Wouldn't it be more reassuring to find a relative ?

therefore , She said to her relatives :“ My family is just short of a nanny , If you don't mind , Let the children come to my house ! I offered her three times her salary !” Relatives are very happy , The next day, he happily led the child .

next , Liu Xiaoqing took the girl back to his home . In limine , The girl is really what her relatives say , Sharp hands and feet , hold 500 The flat mansion is clean . Liu Xiaoqing was very happy , I thought I found a good nanny . However, , After a while , The girl changed .

One day , After Liu Xiaoqing came home , I found the girl lying on the sofa watching TV 、 Eating snacks , Like the hostess at home . The floor of the house 、 The plates are the same, they haven't cleaned up . Liu Xiaoqing was a little angry at that time , Come back after a hard day , And face a dirty home . therefore , She just said a few words to the girl .

Who knows the girl should hold up her mouth with her :“ Give me such a small salary , And let me do so much work ! I've been working all day with a sore back !” Liu Xiaoqing thought , My family is really a little big , But it's just a little work every day . Besides, he gave her three times her salary , Not to complain about it !

But I think it's somehow related , Liu Xiaoqing put up with it . Then gently say to the girl :“ Like the floor 、 Tableware ! You still have to clean these things in time , Those cabinets 、 The desk or something can be cleaned every few days .”

After the girl listened , A very perfunctory answer “ good ”, He went into the room to sleep . Who knows , The next few days , Girls work very perfunctorily , It's basically idling away , The house wasn't cleaned at all . Liu Xiaoqing can't stand it anymore , I found an excuse and sent her back to her hometown .

Who knows , When the girl returned to her hometown , Because I resent Liu Xiaoqing , He spoke ill of Liu Xiaoqing everywhere , Expose her black history . Liu Xiaoqing's intestines are almost green , How did you find such a person . later , Because of this , Liu Xiaoqing no longer contacts with his relatives in his hometown .

next , Liu Xiaoqing also took his parents home to live with him . Soon , She found another nanny , The nanny is a man . How old is Liu Xiaoqing , Because they take good care of Liu Xiaoqing's parents , Liu Xiaoqing also affectionately called him third brother .

The third brother works at Liu Xiaoqing's house 30 year , Keep Liu Xiaoqing's house in order , Always do 70 Retired at the age of . In the process , All the money for the third brother's marriage came from Liu Xiaoqing , Liu Xiaoqing pays for traveling every year , Even helped him buy old-age insurance .

Liu Xiaoqing said in a program :“ I have already regarded my third brother as my relatives .” Three elder brother 70 After the age of , Liu Xiaoqing still left him at home to live together , Don't let him work , Even hired a nanny to take care of him .

Have to say , Liu Xiaoqing is really praised for this . People are mutual , You are good to me , Naturally, I will treat you . Now ,67 Liu Xiaoqing still refuses to accept his old age , Once a live netizen called her “ Grandma Liu ”, Liu Xiaoqing's face changed at that time , It's a bit too much , Call aunt at most !

Do you think Liu Xiaoqing is old ?

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