The Hong Kong circle has fallen, but the Hong Kong star is still holding up

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hong kong circle fallen hong

lately , A special live broadcast attracted countless people's attention ——

King Andy Lau made his debut 40 Anniversary of the .

In just two hours , The number of viewers will easily break through 1 Billion .

Everybody read it. , There are thousands of feelings .

A blink of an eye , Andy Lau is fast 60 Year old .

And this man , Still so handsome !

Not only figure 、 The skin is well maintained , The self-cultivation between hands and feet is also admirable .

Combined with the , In the past two years, entertainment idols have collapsed continuously , Rollover , Even under criminal detention .

Netizens also began to be interested in a topic :

Hongkong star's self-cultivation , Where did it come from ?

Hong Kong entertainment industry , It is indeed a place rich in immortality myths .

Naturally, those talented actresses don't have to say much .

Zhao Yazhi 、 night 、 Zhou huimin 、 Sammi Cheng 、 Li Jiaxin ……

These names , Which is not to make the spectators exclaim 「 Oh my god ! Why isn't she old 」

Zhou huimin 51 The state at the concert at the age of

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