Christy Chung and Yi Nengjing, who are in love with their sister and brother, have a poor sense of happiness in "having a baby", which is amazing

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christy chung yi nengjing love

It is worth noting that , Yi Nengjing also fully takes care of her father-in-law and mother-in-law , If there are no children in the future , What should parents do ? As a result, Qin Hao easily blocked back .

After Yi Nengjing and Qin Hao got married , About “ The old cow nibbles at the tender grass ”、“ Soft rice man ” The debate spread widely . For a long time , Yi Nengjing has always been regarded as “ Miserable ” That one. , Complaining about a better marriage .

Until this time 《 womanishly fussy 》 Our variety show is broadcast , Everyone suddenly realized how terrible they had been wrong before !

It's also sister brother love , The husband who married himself , It's also a reorganized family , Also participate in variety shows together , Christy Chung and Yi Nengjing “ Family background ” almost , But the situation makes people feel “ a world of difference ”.

Christy Chung and Yi Nengjing, two siblings together , But can't be satisfied with “ Give birth to a child ”.

Yi Nengjing and Harlem had a son Harry before , At the end of their wedding, Harry gave his best wishes , I hope my mother can be happy . And he also called FA QinHao “ Xiao Hao's brother ”, Seeing his care for his mother, he learned to let go .

After marriage, Yi Nengjing decided to give Qin Hao a love crystal , But after seeing the doctor, he argued “ It's probably not easy to get pregnant ”. Yi Nengjing expressed guilt about this matter ,“ Or you'll have to find another one , After all, you're only in your thirties .”

He said he would be big in the future , Also a daughter-in-law , Even if you have children, you'll be alone , In this case , There is no future, there is no .

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