Reuters baby kisses Ma Tianyu in "fate" kissing drama, sweetness seriously exceeds the standard

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reuters baby kisses ma tianyu

《 Fate 》 Kissing Baby Kiss Ma Tianyu The sweetness seriously exceeds the standard

《 Fate 》 By Ma Tianyu 、Angelababy Starring in the ancient costume Xianxia drama . The play is adapted from Yanyu Jiangnan novel of the same name , About a bluestone , Decapitite body , Become a fairy fetus , Mistakenly indulge the heavenly demon , Make an appointment with the patrolling immortal for centuries , But the story of fighting for love for the first time . This year, 2 month 9 Japan , The play finished in Hengdian and released stills .

Recently, some netizens exposed Ma Tianyu and baby new 《 Fate 》 Reuters video , In the video baby The picture of kissing Ma Tianyu for many times has aroused heated discussion among many netizens , Handsome men and beautiful women are also one of the highlights of the play .

Ma Tianyu is dressed in a white ancient costume , It's full of Fairy Spirit , And the same purple dress, full of immortality baby Stand together , The two seem quite CP sense . Watching the Reuters video of pink bubbles flying all over the sky , People can't help but show their aunt's smile . I'm also looking forward to their performance !

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