Zhang Hanyun's relationship has been exposed? I was photographed back at the hotel with my four-year-old boyfriend. The interaction was very sweet

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zhang hanyun relationship exposed photographed

Zhang Hanyun and her four-year-old boyfriend were photographed , Tonghui hotel is suspected of exposing a relationship , The interaction between the two is very sweet

Today's talent shows are strange , There are all kinds of types , Dazzled people . But when there is no such flood of talent show variety shows , Super girl voice is very impressive . Zhang Hanyun is one of the super girls who came out of this program , That classic “ Sing if you want ” It's also her original song . Zhang Hanyun, who should have been popular , Then disappeared into the entertainment industry overnight , This is very surprising .

But when she was 30, she came into public view again , You'll find that , She's still that sweet little girl . And after so many years of precipitation , Strength has moved to another class . It has amazing performance in dubbing programs , Her cooperation with Han Xue is even more impressive . Later, Zhang Hanyun in 《 My sister 》 Inside , There are many excellent stages , Although not successful in this program , But it turned red completely .

however 32 Zhang Hanyun is true and has reached the age of marriage , So fans pay close attention to her relationship , I didn't expect us to come whatever we want , stay 8 month 5 On this day , The media exposed , The picture of Zhang Hanyu returning to the hotel with a man . The two people dress very similar , It seems to be a couple dress on purpose , And they have no staff around them , And make trouble all the time , The way we get along is very sweet .

Later, the two rode a small electric car to date , There are many different ways for ordinary stars to date , The two of them get along quite low-key , Just like ordinary people, shopping and eating , Later, they went back to the hotel hand in hand . Such a picture , It inevitably makes people think whether they are in love . In fact, the man is not plain , But Tong Mengshi, four years younger than Zhang Hanyun . Two people are shooting together 《 The little lady of the butcher's house 》 This work , So some people doubt whether they are hyping .

After all, the cooperative TV series has just started , Two people go in and out of the hotel sweetly , It's true. It's a little too fast , And their acting skills are not very impressive , So in this way to attract people's attention , There's nothing wrong with that . But think about it , Stars who fall in love because they make TV dramas together are everywhere , Many people find their favorite partner in this way .

Therefore, Zhang Hanyun and Tong Mengshi may also get angry during the cooperation , Then we were together , And their appearance and appearance are particularly matched . Even if the man is four years younger than the woman , But Zhang Hanyun is a child's face , So it won't make people feel disobedient at all . Although their relationship has not yet been realized , But look at the way they get along , I think I haven't run away .

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