It is revealed on the Internet that Zhao Liying took over the main drama of a big woman or took two with Wang Yibo, and the freight couple are expected to continue the leading edge

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revealed internet zhao liying took

There's a big play recently 《 Barbarous growth 》 high-profile , It's based on aney's novel 《 No life 》 Adaptation , It tells the story of a girl who is tenacious and makes a fortune in the steel business , Very inspirational and have an atmosphere of facing difficulties and making progress , The plot of the big girl ;

The play has been circulating since the beginning. It is Zhao Liying's play , From the atmosphere and plot of the script , It is really in line with Zhao Liying's tonality , She seems to like this story from a small struggle to the peak to ;

It may have something to do with her own star path , She herself started as a Bruce Lee actor , All the way to the current popular actress position , It should be very handy to play this kind of play .

Some time ago, netizens also took videos from the airport , Found the book handed to her by Zhao Liying's assistant , Highly similar to the original novel ;

If you are already reading the original , That means even if she doesn't take the script now , That must be very interested in this book , So this netizen believes that this play should be performed by her .

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