Is that a joke? Doinb revealed that my Q was too short, so he hurriedly apologized to sugar Xiaoyou

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joke doinb revealed short hurriedly

doinb Couples get along

doinb Tang Xiaoyou and his wife are an enviable couple in the e-sports circle ,doinb Very profitable , While playing , He broadcast it live for a long time , As a big anchor , His contract with the live broadcasting platform may have an annual salary of tens of millions , Plus professional money ,doinb It's really rich .

and , He has an enviable wife, sugar Xiaoyou ,doinb When you make a mistake , Sugar Xiaoyou can admit his mistake .doinb Can't go home , When you stay at the base for the game , Sugar tryst to see him .doinb There is no time to manage some things in the family , Sugar Xiaoyou decorates himself . Such a wife is really enviable , And sugar Xiaoyou looks more beautiful .

Even if someone is picky about sugar , But their relationship is still very good . Sugar Xiaoyou said before , They have “ Resonance ” My soul mate , Because they trust each other , Even if you've been married for so long , They are still in love , Feelings are like glue .

It is a pity ,doinb It's not long to go home , Even if you win the game, the team has a holiday ,doinb The time spent at home may only be half a day . occasionally , He devoted almost all his energy to live broadcasting and rank、 Training competition 、 In the game , No time to accompany sugar Xiaoyou . lately ,doinb Still joking on the live broadcast .

Apologize to sugar Xiaoyou doinb

During the live broadcast ,doinb While playing games “ Whole work ”, He said : My person , You see if I can win and you're done . You haven't seen my panson, have you ? To tell you the truth, I just made a mistake , I'm sorry , I just that Q There's something wrong with it , It's too short !

That's it ,doinb Realize that you don't speak properly , Such a joke can also be made , He hastily apologized :sorry Smallyo , Xiaoyou, I'm sorry . It seems ,doinb Have a deep understanding of our culture , To say their own Persson q Too short , I'm aware of other aspects , Hurried to apologize to sugar Xiaoyou .

obviously ,doinb This is self ridicule , It's just a joke . In the comments , There are also many fans ridicule doinb This is a “ Short self exposure ”, His joke is not very interesting , But after apologizing to sugar Xiaoyou , As if it really happened ,doinb Is that appropriate ?

It doesn't matter if he plays jokes on himself , But in this kind of thing , Everyone likes to read jokes , Make complaints about it. , It must be his wife sugar Xiaoyou . It can only be said doinb I really understand live broadcasting , It's a great job . Just make complaints about it. , Is to make fun of his sugar Xiaoyou's personal life .

Personally think that : Sugar Xiaoyou shouldn't care about this little thing , Because she is doinb Of “ Soul mate ”, So sugar Xiaoyou believes doinb. Before, he had a live broadcast with the female anchor , Even the name of sugar Xiaoyou is called crisp , Watch the female anchor dance with the fans , The contestant's family had no complaints .

Not to mention that this time it was just a joke , Sugar Xiaoyou should be able to understand doinb Of . That's a joke ?doinb Self disclosure : I'm panson's q too short , Then he hurried to apologize to sugar Xiaoyou .

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