It is also an 18-year-old photo. There is a big gap between Qin LAN and Yang Ying. Netizen: Huang Xiaoming has a good eye!

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18-year-old year old photo. photo

We all know , Now many people have more or less been in love once or twice , It is said that love experience is accumulated , That's true , Only through personal experience can you know what kind of people you like , And in the entertainment industry, there are many stars who have experienced several relationships , Today, Xiaobian will tell you about Huang Xiaoming's former girlfriend Qin LAN and his current wife Yang Ying , These two are actresses of different styles , Let's take a look at them 18 The gap at the age of .

First of all, let's talk about Qin LAN , At first, aunt Qiongyao took a fancy to her because of her high appearance , In fact, aunt Qiongyao's vision is very good , Basically, all the people she wants to praise are popular , Qin Lan also took this opportunity to make a fire , At that time, aunt Qiongyao spoke highly of Qin lan , Like the only shining star in the sky , So many viewers fell in love with Qin LAN when she was young ,18 At the age of, she looked gentle and moving , It surpasses many people in temperament alone .

But in Qin Lan's many years of acting career , For a long time, I fell into a gloomy situation , But now with 《 Delay jubilee strategy 》 A city back , Now she is not young , Still so beautiful , More and more outstanding in temperament , Therefore, he has rejuvenated the second spring of his career .

Although Yang Ying is very popular and hot now , But in fact, she is a controversial actress , Especially in appearance and acting , Remember her 18 At the age of, the facial features don't look as delicate as they are now , So many people will think she had her face fixed , And later because of poor performance and the netizens make complaints about , But there are many people who like Yang Ying , So she's really elusive .

The same is 18 A picture at the age of , But the gap between them seems too big , Qin LAN showed her acting skills at that time , Yang Ying is like a lively girl , Many netizens also said that Huang Xiaoming's vision is really good , When I was young, I took a fancy to Qin LAN with good appearance and temperament , It's just that they were never meant to be .

Although every relationship has its reason for existence , But let bygones be bygones , We still have to cherish the love that remains with us now , After all, love doesn't come naturally , We still have to look at it with a sincere heart .

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