Obviously, black absorbs more heat than white. Why is the skin color of Africans black? Not afraid of gemma?

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obviously black absorbs heat white.

Introduction :

We know that the world is colorful , Every object has a color , Some objects are white , And some objects are black , Even some objects are purple and blue , These colors make the world colorful . We must have noticed such a phenomenon at ordinary times , We feel completely different in white clothes and black clothes in hot summer .

Obviously black absorbs more heat than white , Why are Africans black ? Not afraid of Gemma ?

Wearing white clothes will feel cooler , And wearing black clothes will feel hotter . This is because black is more endothermic , Some friends have a problem , Why do people living in such a hot place in Africa have black skin ?

We must know something about this part of Africa , Because most people in Africa are black , And Africa is also a tropical region , The temperature in Africa is very high , This surprised some people very much .

Black is more endothermic , Why do Africans have black skin ? Won't it make Africans feel hotter and hotter ? In fact, you may not have a very deep understanding of Africa .

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