Once the most popular brother sharp, he found his family and diagnosed mental illness. The current situation is worse than before

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popular brother sharp family diagnosed

To say net red , This man is definitely popular on the Internet “ Originator ”, Because of his presence , Because of his popularity on the Internet , Just created “ online celebrity ” The word , He did it years ago because of a “ Photo ” And the sharp brother who is popular on the Internet , It's been many years since the Chinese New Year , The younger generation of wanghong will push the waves ahead , And this “ Originator ” Was shot dead on the beach , There was no word from then on .

Brother sharp is 2010 It became popular on the Internet , It was a group of photos taken by a passer-by , Then reprinted in Tianya , What kind of people is Tianya , Is good at discovering “ strange ” The crowd , So the beggar in the photo aroused a heated discussion .

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