Among the eight female stars with the most infectious smile, Li Qin smiled pure, while Ma Sichun smiled too sweet

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female stars infectious smile li

The so-called cure is a smile , It was her smile , You forget all your troubles . People who become stars have their own unique charm , The healing smile is a strong bonus . Here are some female stars with warm and healing smiles , I don't know if one moved you ? Who do you think is the most infectious ?

Tang Yixin

Tang Yixin has also participated in many big plays in recent years , In the entertainment industry, I'm a familiar face , People are not red, maybe the smell of opportunity has not come , But these will not affect her good attitude , Still the girl who goes her own way and is happy . Tang Yixin is a girl in the sweet Department , The whole body exudes vitality and sweetness . Sweetness is her label , Her smile makes people see the sun , It's very infectious , People can't help laughing .

Tan songyun

Her smile is very warm , Seems to have the ability to heal people . Warm heart smile , Bright eyes , Like a beam of light shining into the night . Sweet , Cute , Clean and pure , Like a spring bud . Have you been infected by her bright smile ?


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