In the second issue of good voice, Yin Yuke is big enough, but there are two more students behind

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second issue good voice yin

Many netizens make complaints about it 2021《 A good voice 》“ Twice-cooked pork ” Too many students , The program only aired twice , Almost a dozen “ Twice-cooked pork ”. And in the second episode , There is one “ Twice-cooked pork " The students triggered a heated discussion , Why? ? If for no other , Because he is the national third runner up of another popular talent show .

Yes , What I'm talking about “ Twice-cooked pork ” The student is the original student of the second phase, Yin Yuke . Speaking of Yin Yuke , It's really not small , He is 2017 year 《 Happy boys 》 Third place in the country , in addition to , He's been on variety shows , been 《 this ! It's singing 》, On a 《 Voice into the heart 》, I've been to 《 singer 2019》 Kicking match , And become a challenge candidate , Although he didn't become a formal kicking singer , But it shows its extraordinary strength .

And in the 2021 year 《 A good voice 》 On stage , Yin Yuke is not so lucky , Although after blind selection , But only got the turn of Na Ying's mentor , And he is the seventh student to join the British team , That means he will trigger this season 《 A good voice 》 The first race for position . Yin Yuke's choice of opponent is hoarse voice Chen Wenfei , Although Yin Yuke's second song is an original song , But it was not recognized by Na Ying , Finally, the competition failed , So it was eliminated .

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