In early autumn, match the 2 major trends you must know, prepare them in advance, and let your fashion win at the starting line

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early autumn match trends know

Cool wind to , Bai Lusheng , Cicadas chirp . When day and night change , When the early autumn begins quietly , Are you ready ? Although the change of temperature is not as precise and clear as solar terms , But the first fallen leaf has sent us a signal . Fashion trends followed , People at the forefront of fashion , With its own sensitive fashion sense , Early discovered the aesthetic essence of the quarter .

You who love beauty , What expectations do you have for autumn pop elements ? It's the perfect connection between hope and summer , Excessive smoothness , Let light and thin clothes become the mainstream , Or prefer a more robust style , Win with heavy texture . In fact, no matter which style you prefer , Take the initiative to think when changing seasons , This attitude has surpassed most people . If you add a little control over fashion , You can easily lie down and win by dressing .

In this issue, let's talk about two popular elements of autumn , You can choose to add... To your daily wear , Any one can make you beautiful and outstanding , Let's see .

1. Earth color system

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