Zhang Yuqi questioned her little boyfriend, "do you care about me or want to raise me?" Li Bingxi replied

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zhang yuqi questioned little boyfriend

「 Star girl 」 Zhang Yuqi is definitely one of the best in the entertainment circle at present 「 Big sister 」 Female stars , Zhang Yuqi has been relying on her own sharp and straightforward 「 Silly girl 」 Character is a circle of powder. Many people , Since last year, Zhang Yuqi participated in 《 Sister Lang 》 after , Her current career development is like 「 Opening and hanging 」 commonly .

The other day , variety 《 The love of daughters 》 premiere , There is a difference between Zhang Yuqi and Li Bingxi 8 My brother and sister are in love with , No more cover up , Finally, the generous official announced his love . Zhang Yuqi was sent to the hot search again .

Zhang Yuqi and Li Bingxi are true 「 Brotherly love 」. Li Bingxi himself is 95 after , And Zhang Yuqi is 87 Year of , The difference between the two 8 year . Talking about this relationship , Zhang Yuqi said it was really sweet , But sometimes I'm tired , Zhang Yuqi said she didn't want to be a sister , I don't want to worry about my boyfriend like my aunt or mother .

On the issue of getting along with Li Bingxi , Zhang Yuqi raised a highly lethal problem . That is to ask your boyfriend : If one day , I'm addicted to games or something , I'm almost useless , One day I don't want to work , Do you want to take care of me or raise me . This question is really soul torture !

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