Rita video before bed is tucked too oily, make complaints about the real side face, and the jaw almost breaks the screen.

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rita video bed tucked oily

rita My bedtime video

rita Count as LPL At present, she is one of the most beautiful female staff , Her temperament is more likable ,rita I have a lot of fans , Very popular . As a hot female commentator ,rita Every live broadcast can attract a lot of viewers , therefore , She is favored by many E-sports brands .

rita The ability to carry goods in the e-sports circle is still very strong , Although there are now Xiran and others to catch up , Almost surpassed rita. But speaking of beauty ,rita still LPL Single gear . lately , A forum selection LPL The goddess of , Last rita More than Xiran won the championship , Enough to prove that she is LPL The position in the eyes of the audience .

therefore , Now? rita I often receive invitations from some E-sports brands , Shoot all kinds of videos .rita I also know how to make use of my advantages , occasionally , She will be cos Different roles , It looks very beautiful . When it's not live ,rita Also put a lot of selfie 、 video , Brush the sense of existence in front of the audience .

lately ,rita Another bedtime video , It's getting late ,rita In the video, give everyone a bedtime wink, It looks very sweet . She seems to have gone to another activity , The clothes you wear look like a dress , Hair and accessories are also natural and beautiful . Maybe I went to an event , I think I can't waste my makeup , Just record this video for fans .

Poke the chin of the screen

In the video rita It's still as good , It just looks a little oily . Make complaints about the first article rita: I haven't seen you for a few days ,rita It's getting so oily ? The female commentator also saw this comment , He replied with an angry expression . obviously ,rita No real anger , Just kidding fans , Maybe after she recorded this video , Also feel some oil .

So at the end of the video rita Can't help laughing , And turned his head to hide his smile , Unfortunately, they were recorded together ,rita The true profile of the is also exposed . Her chin looks very curved , It's going to puncture the screen , coordination rita Look at your nose , This side face is really strange .

rita Your face is still beautiful , She sometimes appears plain , The beauty value is also very high . little does one think ,rita Not decorated 、 Careless exposure of plain face , It looks so strange . Maybe this filter is too oily ,rita My face has been pulled differently . Of course , like rita My fans will continue to like her .

Don't like rita People who , Often send her a picture cos Photos of wind woman , At that time rita The face is a little fatter than it is now , The chin is not that long . Maybe it was because the photos were laughed at by many people ,rita Will slowly become thinner and thinner , It's different from before .

Personal view

rita Your appearance is LPL Single gear , Female commentators have also gained many advantages . however , She still wants to improve her professional ability .rita Video before sleep make complaints about oil , Turn your head to expose the real side face , His chin almost pierced the screen .

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