Zhang Zhilin has never been popular for 30 years. He has spoiled yuan Yongyi for 29 years. Why is he so Buddhist?

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The first purpose of star artists is to be popular , To be a front line , But there is such a star who is very Buddhist , career 29 year , Never ushered in a real sense of red and purple . Some netizens even commented on him directly , He's a big hit .

He is Zhang Zhilin .

stay 1971 year , Zhang Zhilin was born in Hong Kong , His mother is the beauty champion of Miss Hong Kong Industrial Exhibition . Zhang Zhilin's sister and uncle are also famous actors in Hong Kong , Many stars have a very close relationship with Zhang Zhilin's family . So Zhang Zhilin and Zhang Xueyou 、 Carina Lau 、 Anita Mui and other big stars , I've known each other for a long time .

Zhang Zhilin has been interested in music since he was a child , He showed his musical talent in junior high school . In the singing competition organized by the school , He got second place and was star Scout Tony What I see , The signing company became a singer . stay 1991 year , He became famous by singing with Xu Qiuyi 《 Modern love story 》 Officially out of the circle , The song won 1991 The most authoritative Top Ten Golden Songs in Hong Kong .

Just the year before , His future wife yuan Yongyi became the champion of Hong Kong sister and “ Best Miss Award ”, And officially started her acting career . In his third year , He starred in his first film 《 Alfred and Archie 》, As a result, he won the golden statue award for Best Newcomer . She also began to become a favorite in the entertainment industry , Cooperate with Liu Qingyun 《 The new situation 》 Won the golden statue award for best hostess .

At that time, Yuan Yongyi was still a young girl who had not experienced the world , Irresistible vanity and desire , Became the lover of a rich businessman . And this relationship ended up breaking up , She... Years later , I'm also open to this relationship , Introspection theory :“ Is what we call greed and vanity .”

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