Cheng Yi's song with the king premiered《 Coloured glaze: the old acquaintance dominates the screen, and Xuan Lu's second daughter amazes everyone

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cheng yi song king premiered

8 month 8 Friday night , Cheng Yi 、 Starring Zhang Yuxi 《 Song with Jun 》 Premiere on Hunan Satellite TV !《 Glass 》 Old acquaintances dominate the screen , Xuan Lucheng is the second daughter with lace . A year later , Cheng Yi once again dominates the screen summer file , Career development is getting better and better .

《 Song with Jun 》 The plot tells the twin sister Cheng Ruoyu who is in the hostile camp ( Zhang Yuxi plays )、 Qiu Yanzhi ( Xuan Lu plays ) A fatalistic reunion , And with “ Young man ” Li Yan ( Cheng Yi plays )、 The light king is involved in the situation of the court , The legend of common transformation and growth .

Just open the 《 Song with Jun 》 when , At first glance, they are all actors familiar to the audience . last year 《 Glass 》 The summer file , The public praise of TV series is good , Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan are also popular . This year, 《 Song with Jun 》 In the 《 Glass 》 The original team , Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi premiere lovers , At first, there was no way to substitute , The follow-up of the plot is getting better .

Cheng Yi is playing an emperor this time , Although in its place , But it was overhead . Most of the performances in Cheng Yi's plays need forbearance , Pass the stage of acting , The red dress style of the new play is the same as that of Si Feng , Even dubbing is the same , It makes people dream back in an instant 《 Glass 》.

If the audience comes in halfway , Maybe I thought I was on the wrong channel .

Zhang Yuxi plays Cheng Ruoyu, the sword bearer of the purple Bureau , Ziyi bureau is a tool used by the emperor to eradicate Qiu's forces . In the early stage of the female Lord, she grew slowly , Though chivalrous , But always cause trouble , IQ is worrying . Except for the skin, it's a little too much , Zhang Yuxi's acting skills are also gradually improving .

And then it's all about 《 Glass 》 Time for old acquaintances to appear , He Shengming plays a villain , White hair looks old for several years . He Shengming and Cheng Yi are “ Father and son ” Relationship , It's just that the two sides have become hostile .

《 Glass 》 Zhong Minyan also came , The official match is no longer Zhang Yuxi .

《 Glass 》 Wuzhiqi also came , The new look is unrecognizable , Can you see ?

《 Glass 》 Brother Liu is also a guest star , And Bai Shu 、 Yang �Z Here comes the son , These audiences look familiar 《 Glass 》 The actors are all artists under huanrui , It's easy for people to play .

It is worth mentioning that , Xuan Lu is in a crowd 《 Glass 》 Stand out from old acquaintances . Although she only plays female second , But the performance surprised everyone . Xuan Lu plays Qiu Yanzhi , Be able and crafty in planning and execution , It's a good person to bear the dark belly , Focus on doing business all the time , And Zhang Yuxi are sisters .

Xuan Lu's appearance is very beautiful , The eyes are cold , It gives people a feeling of being inaccessible . Although I don't know martial arts , But a strategist , The image of nvzhuge is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people .

Xuanlu ancient costume is out of the circle again , The two women set up bright eyes , Xuanlu's acting skills endow the character with soul . A vengeful vengeance , A sister with amnesia can't recognize her sister , My sister doesn't know my sister who has grown into a girl . When Qiu Yanzhi knew that the person he had been framing was his own sister , Finally, I decided to sacrifice myself to save my sister .

Such characters have flesh and blood , Very easy to remember by the audience .

Following 《 Petition order 》 After elder martial sister , Xuanlu ushered in a new costume drama again . This character is the hostess's sister , Finally, I will sacrifice to save the female Lord , At present, xuanlu's performance is commendable , It's brilliant . To make a long story short ,《 Song with Jun 》 Although most of them are 《 Glass 》 Old acquaintance , But the viewing experience is good , The appearance of Xuan Lu brightened people's eyes . Have you all gone after the play ?

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