Don't make complaints about it. The good play of Chinese restaurant 5 is just beginning.

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don make complaints it. good

Ask sincerely , Gong Jun is 《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 What snacks did you bring to Ding Zhen ?

In other words, in the program , Ding Zhen invited Gong Jun to eat delicious food in the RV , A big plastic bag , Full of private beef jerky , At first glance, it was made by my mother , Gong Jun couldn't stop eating , Eat and talk , Next time I go to my RV, I'll treat you to delicious snacks .

Don't wait until next time , Gong Jun carried two bags of his favorite snacks and went to find his brother again , Now Gong Jun's fans all over the network are eager to see the program team hurry out , It's nice to see what snacks are .

Now that the program is broadcast, fans should rest assured , What about the second princess and the top flow brother CP Line , There is no the , Want to say CP But there is , Ding Zhen and Gong Jun's snack brothers CP, Good knock , That's great . The only drawback is that the story line is a little short , After all, Ding is really resident , Gong Jun is just a flying guest .

But with the outstanding performance of these brothers and tranquility , The second program comes out , Successfully staged the return of the king , The ratings soared compared with the first issue 20%, Four nets first don't say , The key point is that word of mouth is picking up in an all-round way .

From the last issue, the content that the whole staff can't cook makes the barrage float all over the screen “ boring ”, In this period, all staff roll up their sleeves and work hard , The audience's enthusiasm for comprehensive pursuit is as strong as Gong Jun's stove for crayfish .

No wonder someone has begun to say , Scold wrong , It turned out that it was a script that wanted to be promoted first .

It's like there are slow heat athletes on the field , Many variety shows are getting better .

But this old variety of mango station , Why on earth should the second phase start a comprehensive counter attack ? The gateway to it , Of course, it's not just Gong Junding's real snack .

The whole staff can't cook ? Mingming is the happy cook of the whole staff

Why was the first program ridiculed by the group ? The key is that the program team played “ The whole staff cook Xiaobai ” The puzzle of .

Many of the audience expressed that :「 embarrassed , It's embarrassing .」

A slow variety with food as the core , There's no one who can shake the spoon ?

Such an operation has never been seen before . First of all 、 Although there is no professional chef in season 2 , But in the first season, Zhang Liang's ability to cook is recognized by the audience , In the second season, Su Youpeng and Zhao Wei can also shake the spoon .

If the fifth season is really a flow flirtatious kitchen show , Isn't this pure nonsense ?

But with the appearance of the second program , Visible to the naked eye ,「 Drawback 」 It gradually became 「 Bright spot 」.

The first is the whole staff's cooking. Xiaobai is an illusion : Huang Xiaoming showed his cooking skills in the first season , Quiet should be able to cook , Zhou is also 《 Peach blossom dock 》 Li is recognized as a good swordsman , Gong Junzao is a well-known food blogger delayed by acting .

So I'm afraid the only one who really can't cook is the second princess who recognizes scallions as leeks .

It may also be the intention of the director group , In the second phase , Several guests who couldn't even make a tomato scrambled egg before , Finish cooking upgrade overnight .

Since Gong Jun said he came to work , The program ignited the soul of the God of food .

The opening of phase II , Namely 3 A professional chef teaches 6 A star, their specialty : Huang Xiaoming learns to chop fish head with pepper , Gong Jun learns lobster , Ding zhenxue fried meat with chili , quiet 、 Zhou also 、 Yao Anna learns from Changsha stinky tofu .

At first, Gong Jun was very happy , Later I learned that teaching Huang Xiaoming and Ding is really a master , The master who teaches Gong Jun is the apprentice of master Huang Xiaoming and master Ding Zhen , So Gong Jun wants to shout to Ding Zhen and Huang Xiaoming, martial uncle , Gong Jun's expression ha ha , This terrible desire to win or lose in the kitchen world .

Start cooking , The boredom of the first program doesn't exist .

Among the previous few people, only Huang Xiaoming 、 quiet 、 Gong Jun has cooperated deeply , Everyone's social life is full of polite embarrassment . Now everyone is busy flying , The field is hot .

The food is here , Not just the program flow , Also propped up the drama conflict of the program : A group of stars who don't seem to be very good at cooking , How to build a Chinese restaurant ?

The cooking skills of migrant workers have become the biggest 「X factors 」, It also gives the audience a new experience !

And it turns out that people can cook , have a good appetite ! Also capable of , Food doesn't poke !

But also “ Named Guicai ”, No one loves their names ?――“ The fish head of the good man Huang Xiaoming ”、 Gong Jun's “ Handsome lobster ”、 Zhou Ye's “ Also lettuce ”、 Ding really “ Really fried meat with chili ”、 Zhou and the second princess “ She's also a stinky tofu ”.

Someone was laughed at , thank you .

Lack of variety ? Peace carries “ Back kitchen Zhen � Of board �”, Gong Junding is really CP That's great

No embarrassment , Smile a little , It's just a basic requirement , A variety show wants to be wonderful , Let the audience's eyelids not stick together ―― The key , Or drama conflict and variety sense .

The biggest problem in the first issue is to have no conflict , Want a sense of variety, no sense of variety . But dramatic conflict doesn't mean that something must be done , Instead, it uses program guests and themes to create drama flavor .

For example, phase II , Quiet “ Back kitchen Zhen � Of board �” It's on .

The first match is with store manager Huang Xiaoming .

Really? , This game of kitchen power doesn't need to be played at all , Speak quietly , Huang Xiaoming automatically reports for duty ,“ What's the matter, sister ?”

“ gain victory with unstained swords ”, Tranquility has directly become the dominant decision-making in all affairs of the Chinese restaurant 、 Even the actual power center hidden behind the scenes .

The most representative is that we have breakfast together , The chef made fried noodles that Changsha people love to eat .

Gong Jun inhaled a whole bowl , Huang Xiaoming said :“ I'll have one and try it .” Then he pushed his small bowl to Ding Zhen next to him .

Put on a season , If you don't eat, don't eat , But this season is more quiet , First, his eyes widened , Then he frowned again , Huang Xiaoming is a little counselled , Explain in a low voice :“ I want to lose weight .”

In other words, the clerks in this season are not as good as those in the previous season , I also bowed my head and said :“ The restaurant owner lost weight ?”

Quiet direct one pass strong output ,“ Do you want to exaggerate ”“ I think you are a little ”.

At this time, Huang Xiaoming has completely lost the dignity of the store manager , Say with a smiling face : I have a toothache .

Tranquility is more angry :“ Why do you have so many problems when you are young .”

But in the end, Huang Xiaoming joked that it was because he was too young , So wisdom teeth , He was stupid , Now be wise , ning ( too ) static ( after ) Laugh out loud , This little storm is over .

Anyway, this paragraph ends , Everyone knows who has the final say in this restaurant .

However, the empress still gives both grace and power .

Later, when I prepared the dishes quietly , I ordered vegetables , But Yao Anna received a call from the food delivery master and said : The food is gone .

The quiet listener's face changed when he heard this , Another rag , Another cruel remark .

But when everyone thinks peace is going to rage , Quiet answered the phone , Speak softly to the teacher opposite :“ Please look for , You can add more money !”

Ha ha ha ha , Just , Seconds become humble workers .

After cooking, Jing Jing has been washing the dishes , He also mocked himself as a dishwasher .

This story line has a sense of variety and comedy conflict .

And into the second program , The casting of the director group seems to be a pot of stew , In fact, there is a hidden mystery .

Put it before , You will never expect Gong Jun and Ding Zhen to intersect .

The two seem to belong to two worlds . But the actual effect makes people smile . Not only is it not abrupt , It's also very innovative .

Happy workers mix and match sweet wild net red .

Just ask if you've seen this magical combination , So curious !

In the past, in the entertainment industry , Group CP, It seems to be a bit of prudence . True love , It's not easy here , Love that can show the audience , How much depends on acting .

But Gong Jun and Ding Zhen are really pure natural .

Gong Jun knows that Ding Zhen may not speak Chinese very well , I can't even understand , When I was interviewed, I sat next to Ding Zhen , While translating for him , While helping him out .

So the second program Ding is obviously relaxed , Even put “ Workers ” The stem is on the lips .

Relax Ding Zhen , Cooking talent is also shown , Together “ Really fried meat with chili ”, It's true that it has all the color, smell and taste . Shifu finished Ding Zhen's cooking , Directly to 90 Point high score .

The two are together , Although I won't say the story is wonderful, like the scene of the Spring Festival Gala , But the warmth index is quite high , Skills and EQ are not needed , Just distract , Just heal .

But Gong Jun himself solo, Just laugh to death .

As an authentic Chengdu person , Eat a crayfish and drink water , But also encounter the disdainful eyes of the master opposite, ha ha ha . Cook a meal and hum Wang Leehom's 《 Falling leaves 》, Hit .

Then when he meets Huang Xiaoming, it's comedy .

Huang Xiaoming eats a watermelon , Half way through , Gong Jun cut a plate of watermelon and came over , The scene is PK The speed and depth of eating watermelon , Really? , Both of them wanted to eat their skins. They really laughed to death , It is definitely a model of melon eaters in the entertainment industry !

And their “ Huanggong shrimp washing city ”, Gong Junren was stunned when he was washed ! And dare to ask the store manager : Can we buy lobster without shrimp thread ? Fans say hahaha, come and save the children !

Funny, funny , Finally, he won master Qiu's Rainbow fart : Tall 、 And handsome 、 And smart , As soon as I teach you , Can cook again , Any girl who marries him will be very happy .

Really? , The place with Gong Jun is really full of joy , But the most important thing is that he can have a chemical reaction with everyone , If you don't believe me, look at the master's teaching stinky tofu “ The child next door cried greedily ” That paragraph , Zhou next door also showed his love for his brother sand sculpture , Gong Jun : i am hungry .

It can be said to enter the second program , Everyone began to have their own performance time , Show your own characteristics .

On this basis , And can achieve the unity of the whole . Assemble CP It's all natural , No script marks , The melon forced by arranged marriage , It's hard to be sweet .

Then it's natural that the program will be watched ――

Majestic , Command the audience .

gentle and soft , Heal the heart .

Sand sculpture , have a style of one 's own .

Happy , Laugh until you cramp .

How ugly the program can be .

Full counter attack ?《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 More stem is needed 、 Less script

Last , For a variety show , At the core of ―― What kind of production concept is needed .

The last two seasons 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 It gives people a feeling of fatigue , The root lies in the production concept .

I didn't use the clip to enlarge the store manager Huang Xiaoming and chef Lin as soon as I came up 、 The conflict between financial director Qin Hailu , Is to enlarge Zhao Liying's mood , But there's really no need to create such a conflict .

Because the audience's eyes are bright , Jos é's script doesn't want to see . And the script trace is too obvious , When fans criticize the program group, they are bound to be timid , In the second half of the season, the topic decreased sharply , Finally, there is no water spray , look “ Paste the ” The situation of .

but 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 The most interesting conflict , In fact, it has been hidden in the program name ―― Chinese Restaurant , The dramatic tension between Chinese cuisine and the stars who open restaurants , Not enough , Doesn't it look good ?

Why is season one or two beautiful ?

Because the program revolves around “ Chinese food ” This concept unfolds , The core conflict has always been the contradiction between opening Chinese restaurants overseas and the insufficient ability of guests .

Problems arise , solve the problem , So there was the first season of Huang Xiaoming's “ Send, send, etc ” With Zhao Wei to Huang Xiaoming “ Old friends hate each other ” It's a good play , In the second season, Zhao Wei praised Su Youpeng as “ Chef ” The story of , Stories and feelings of joy are natural , Variety shows naturally look good .

conversely , If you leave this core , It all depends on the conflict created by the program group , Once the program team can't create a conflict , The program almost lost its memory , Even the entertainment sense of laughter has few results , Of course, the overall appearance of the program is flat .

And the best place to see the second episode of season 5 is , The program finally focuses on how to open a restaurant. It's the simplest thing 、 Also the most fundamental thing , I can't read the script , But the program is good .

Next, around this core , You can continue to dig more drama points , For example, shed the original ecological filter “ Sweet wild boy ” What is Ding Zhen's character ?“ Two princesses ” Can the simple and simple human design completely subvert the inherent cognition of the audience ?

This is not a suspense , Isn't it something to watch ?

so to speak , With the broadcast of the second issue ,《 Chinese Restaurant 5》 It's a beautiful turnaround , But can you turn over completely , And look down .

Because the first show , Obviously, it's still Zhao Liying's “ I don't think it looks good ”、 Suspected of touching the stem 《 Flowers and youth 》“ I don't have a good impression of RV ” Topic marketing first mode , but “ Impose drama ” Can't hide the embarrassment of the lack of chemical reaction in the program .

Next, the program deviates from the program core , Or go back to the core of food , It determines the fate of the program this season .

But the second episode got off to a good start , It shows that programs without topic marketing can do the same 「 Grounding gas 」; Stars can also face the public .

Just hype the topic , The degree of discussion is really higher than before . The direction of development is biased , Development tends to stagnate , Fatigue is inevitable .

At the end of the day , Slow variety is in domestic variety , Still a minority .《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Can do season 5 , It depends on the collision between food and stars .

It not only brings stars closer to the public . It also makes it possible for the public to know stars again .

The audience is tired of the script routine , “ Content is king ” Is the eternal truth .

It's like Huang Xiaoming's “ The fish head of the good man Huang Xiaoming ”、 Gong Jun's “ Handsome lobster ”, How to elaborate the appearance 、 It's no use painting , The key is to let diners eat .

Topic marketing first , All variety shows can do , Nothing special , But only 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 Find your own unique flavor , The show is a real counter attack .

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