Necessary box ruler, tea cup on the head, coach guarding the door, and the champion athletes have secret skills for pre competition training

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necessary box ruler tea cup

8 month 8 The Tokyo Olympic Games have come to an end , The Chinese Olympic delegation has achieved gratifying results , They not only keep their advantage in traditional projects , More in multiple “ Weakness ” Remarkable progress has been made in .

At the closing ceremony , The flag bearer of the Chinese sports delegation is track and field athlete Su Bingtian , He himself also said that being a flag bearer is the pride of track and field people .

“ Su Shen ”, You are also the pride of Chinese Olympic athletes !

Although Su Bingtian missed the medal list , But he can reach the 100 meter final of the Olympic Games , It is already the glory of the yellow people .

man 4*100 M relay final , He and his teammates made another success , Not only tied the best performance of the Chinese team in the Olympic Games , It also broke the national record !

Behind the achievements must be hard work .

Every Olympic athlete has been tempered thousands of times before he can stand on this sacred field , The players with outstanding achievements have better training skills , Let's study the little secret of their success .

Su Bingtian never leaves the small box ruler 、 Zhang Yufei has a small tea cup on her head

Tokyo Olympic men 4*100 The four players in the meter relay , After arriving at the Olympic Village, he kept training under the scorching sun .

The four men went shirtless under the guidance of the coach , The sun is too strong , For a time “ Su Shen ” Can't open your eyes .

In order to ensure 4*100 The meter relay is at its best , They repeat every day 、 Strengthen handover stick training , Keep the tacit understanding between players .

Compared to speed training in the hot sun , This exercise in the shade of a tree is quite “ enjoy ” 了 , Of course, although it's much cooler , But it's still not easy , After all, it is the key link to undertake the whole game , You can't relax every time you practice .

It is precisely because the team members have accurate control of every detail , It would not have been 4*100 Good results in the meter relay race .

Su Bingtian also embodies the tradition of the national track and field team paying attention to details , That's what he did in the 100 meter final “ Secret weapon ” You can see the clue .

Su Shen is holding a small box of ruler , Every big game , He has to carry this magic weapon .

With this small box of rulers , Su Shen can accurately measure the distance between the starter and the starting point , Judge whether the distance meets your starting requirements .

After the measurement , Su Shen adjusted the position of the starter to the best , After several repeated tests of stability , He motioned to the referee to take the small box ruler out of the track .

The staff took Su Shen's “ Secret weapon ” when , He didn't forget to nod his thanks , It's very polite “ Flying man ”.

It is said that “ A miss , Good as a mile ”, This small box ruler really helped Su Shen become “ Asian flying man ” Of “ Great official ”.

Su Bingtian has another trick ―― That's after every training , He'll bubble in ice water , Relax your muscle tension , Alleviate fatigue, .

Of course , This ice bath doesn't feel comfortable , But in order to keep fit , Su Bingtian will finish every time .

No wonder Su Shen's competitive level has been maintained very well in recent years , The details of training and competition are done so well , How can we not get good grades .

If Su's “ Secret weapon ” It's accurate , Then Zhang Yufei's secret weapon can be used “ Stable ” To describe the .

Zhang Yufei 6 Day's schedule took 4 A medal , Worthy of “ The queen of Chinese butterfly ” The title of .

A good attitude is a necessary factor for her to win multiple medals at one stroke .

I'm afraid few people know , Zhang Yufei is 4*200 The hour before the meter relay , Was temporarily pulled to the field !

An hour before the game , The coach told her not only 200 The final of the meter butterfly , And play quickly after the final 4*200 The relay race of meters .

She joked that she was “ ye ” On the scene of the Olympic relay race .

But these temporary conditions , Can't stop Zhang Yufei from winning the gold medal again !

Strong psychological quality is one of her magic weapons to win , She has another powerful “ weapons ”―― Stable technical action .

After entering the pool , She can do fast water skiing on all fours , But the head can be motionless according to the technical requirements .

During training, Zhang Yufei tied a cup full of tea to her head , Take a cup of tea out with the help of a breathing tube 50 rice .

What's interesting is that , After swimming, she said “ Thirsty ”, He drank the tea in one breath .

I'm afraid this is “ Master duanshui ” Well , With the head end of the water can also do not leak , Tai Niu 、 It's too steady !

Zhang Yufei's four Olympic medals , I guess that's how I practiced it !

Tube Chenchen use “ The Curse ”、 Liu Yang changed into “ Barista ”

Guan Chenchen, who won the women's balance beam championship , There are also secrets to winning the championship .

She wrote the secret on the tape on her knee ――“ Come on China ”, Four words are short , But it is the most powerful blessing word !

I'm afraid this little secret collection is easy to be “ Copy ”, Because almost all athletes have injuries , I'm afraid everyone will stick the tape .

most important of all ,“ Come on China ” This spell is extremely effective , I believe soon this “ Secret ” It will become a popular thing for the Chinese delegation .

Another member of the gymnastics team , Liu Yang, who won the champion of men's rings, also has “ Winning the championship ” Of .

He likes coffee , Known as the gymnastics team “ Gold barista ”, Before each workout , He's going to change “ Coffee master ”.

Weigh 、 The bean grinding 、 Control the water temperature , Cumbersome steps can't be less .

He will patiently make himself a cup of mellow coffee , Start another day of training after tasting carefully .

Liu Yang joked that , Although drinking coffee won't directly improve your grades , But it helps accelerate metabolism , Ensure adequate mental state .

It seems , Coffee is the classic for Liu Yang to win the championship .

Last , Let's take a look at the title winning high-tech of the new 100 meter flyer Jacobs .

He set a new European record in the 100 meters , It's the Olympics 125 In the history of , The first Italian to win the 100m race .

But in 3 Months ago , His best result is still 10 Seconds away , How did he get to... In just three months 9 second 8 Of ?

It is estimated that this windproof high technology helped him .

When he trains , There's one towing “ Windproof cabin ” My car ran ahead of him , So he can avoid the resistance of the wind , Run faster , Break through your fastest speed again and again .

With the help of this high technology , Jacobs is more confident , Finally set a new European record in the Olympic Games .

Liu Guoliang measured the site in broken steps , Coach Wang Shun is “ goalkeeper ”

Athletes are so skillful in training , As a coach, it's even better .

Before the game , Liu Guoliang enters the table tennis court , He kept taking small steps , His expression was serious and thoughtful , The steps under your feet are step by step , Robust laws .

The on-site reporter asked him why he paced repeatedly on the court ?

Liu Guoliang said :“ Listen to the team members reflect that the venue is smaller , The original stadium of the world series is 7*14( rice ), Now it is 6*11( rice ), So I'm a little worried about the athletes' running .”

I believe coach Liu has considered the special situation of the scene , And gave the national table tennis team a way to deal with the smaller venue “ Secret ”, That's why we can ensure that the table tennis team wins 4 gold 3 Excellent performance of silver .

The Olympic Games are like this , The athletes did their best , Coaches also have to rack their brains to think about tricks .

National swimming team coach Zhu Zhigen treats Wang Shun , It took a lot of effort “ Scheming ”.

In order to let Wang Shun have a good rest , Keep enough physical strength to enter the finals the next day , Zhu Jiaolian is willing to be Wang Shun's “ The gatekeeper ”.

The rest of the team are due to the schedule 、 Training arrangements , Came back late , Pass in front of Wang Shun's house , Zhu Jiaolian reminded them “ Light spot 、 Light spot .”

The coach did this so as not to make Wang Shun sleep .

His mind is comparable to that of an old mother , This piece 200 The gold medal in the meter medley must be half the credit of Zhu Zhigen .


Training is hard , The four-year campaign is only for a few minutes 、 Seconds .

But the hardships behind it , I'm afraid only these coaches and athletes know best !

Create faster for everyone 、 Higher 、 Cheers from better athletes !

Break through yourself for everyone 、 Olympic athletes who challenge the limits come on !

I also pay tribute to those unknown coaches who are willing to give !

The Olympic Games are over , But the Olympic spirit of struggle they left behind will last forever .

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