Sun Rui won the first place in the final selection of snh48, and solo established a personal studio

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sun rui won place final

Tencent Entertainment ( writing / Hu Mengying )8 month 7 Friday night ,“ World 48 Maybe ”SNH48 GROUP The final results of the 8th idol annual popularity contest were released and the concert was held in Shanghai . There are from SNH48( Shanghai )、GNZ48( Guangzhou )、BEJ48( Beijing )、CKG48( Chongqing ) The four groups are close to 200 Members run . Final , Sun Rui won the first , Yuan Yiqi and Shen Mengyao are second and third respectively , Song Xinran 、 Duan Yixuan 、 Xu yangyuzhuo 、 Yang Bingyi ranked fourth to seventh .

“ Growth trilogy ” Sing again

The scene , For the last general runoff election TOP48 Members tailored 《F.L.Y Growth trilogy 》 Sing again on the stage of the finals concert .SNH48 GROUP The seventh general runoff election TOP16 Members with 《 hope that you are well 》 Lead the opening , And the subsequent seventh general runoff election TOP32 Members report a single 《 The future will come 》、TOP48 Members report a single 《 Don't ask about the future 》 Together, they have linked up a vibrant picture of youth , Show every stage of girls' growth .

And then SNH48、GNZ48、BEJ48、CKG48 The four regiments took the stage in turn , Performed the representative works of their respective groups .SNH48 International team 7SENSES、《 Best partner 》 Champion Group Jiang Yun & Wang Xiaojia 、 The seventh annual Golden Melody Awards annual glory team song belongs to the team SNH48 TEAM HII They also brought their own debriefing songs .

The seventh general runoff election TOP16 Members return again in the expectation of fans , Brought a wonderful performance .SNH48 Sun Rui brought her first solo single 《Sugar Free》,SNH48 Lu Ting brings affectionate 《City Lights》, Song Xinran's song 《 Her royal highness 》 Gas field fully open .

A new one TOP48 Members are born , Sun Rui won the first place in a row

SNH48 GROUP The voting channel of the 8th idol annual popularity general runoff election was in 2021 year 6 month 15 Japan 10 Officially open ,2021 year 8 month 7 Japan 19 Point closure , This general runoff election TOP48 The total number of votes of the members reached 40773862 ticket , The sales of related records have increased compared with previous years 80% above . Finally from SNH48 TEAM SII Sun Rui won the final election of this year's idol popularity , Won the championship again .

Followed by Yuan Yiqi and Shen Mengyao , Ranked second 、 Three place . And song Xinran 、 Duan Yixuan 、 Xu yangyuzhuo 、 Yang Bingyi, on the other hand 4-7 position .TOP 16“ Starlight ”、TOP 32“ Gaofei formation ”、TOP48“ Dream group ” The list was also announced one by one .TOP48 Members of ,SNH48 occupy 31 mat , And take over TOP7.GNZ48 Enter the circle 16 people , It reflects the steady development and good momentum in the five years since its establishment .BEJ48 Enter the circle 1 people , Huang Xuanqi, a member of the circle, ran for the first time .

Put on a red cloak , Put on the crown , Sun Rui said excitedly :“ Will silly dreams come true ? Meeting !‘ Others have , We sun Rui can also have !’ Now you have realized this sentence for me , Thank you for your , Fought with me 8 Summer ; Thank you for building blue wings for me , To the top of the mountain ; Thank you for your , These eight years have been ups and downs , Even if it pours , Someone will hold an umbrella for me .”

because SNH48 Member sun Rui won the crown for two consecutive terms , According to the rules , Sun Rui will officially fly solo , Set up personal studio , And won by the top fashion modeling team 、 Well known music studios and video production teams work together to customize their own personal rewards EP And exquisite MV, Open a new chapter in the development of independent artists .

Sun Rui said with a smile :“ After saying goodbye to this burning and wild summer , Sun Rui's undefined life will grow like weeds in the future , Please also accompany me to witness my growth 、 Transformation , You sent me a deep and unforgettable past , Sun Rui will give you an extraordinary and proud future , So please pay more attention to , Sun Rui is really good .”

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