Ouyang Zhenhua held a party to celebrate his wife's birthday. The man's belly was wrinkled and the woman wore a big diamond to catch the eye

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ouyang zhenhua held party celebrate

Recently, Ouyang Zhenhua's wife Fu Jiexian celebrated her birthday , Ouyang Zhenhua held a low-key birthday party for his wife , Invited Liang Sihao, a good friend in the circle 、 Li Sibei 、 She Shiman's agent came to celebrate his wife's birthday , The scene is very lively . Ouyang Zhenhua's friends take photos online , Live photo exposure .

In the photo , Ouyang Zhenhua put his arms around his wife , The couple smiled at the camera together , Love is sweet . It is worth noting that , Ouyang Zhenhua's face seems to have been left many traces by years , The corners of the eyes are full of wrinkles , His wife Fu Jiexian's skin is smooth and delicate , There are few wrinkles on the face , Properly maintained .

In the group photo of Fu Jiexian and her friends , Her short hair is clean , Wearing a black lace suit , With delicate make-up , Holding champagne, facing the camera, showing his teeth and smiling , Wearing a big glittering diamond ring , The whole person is very noble .

by comparison , Ouyang Zhenhua is wearing black loose clothes , Wear a hat of the same color , He also has a pair of black framed glasses on his face , It's very simple , It's hard to hide his big belly under loose clothes .

This time Ouyang Zhenhua held a birthday party for his beloved wife , Arouses the netizen's hot discussion , They praised him as a good man who loved his wife , The couple are very popular .

Ouyang Zhenhua and Fu Jiexian have been married for many years , The two have been very low-key, living their own small life . We all know that Ouyang Zhenhua is TVB Famous actors , He has played many good plays that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people .

And his wife Fu Jiexian is his loyal fan , She is also the granddaughter of the first generation gambling king Fu laorong in Macao , A distinguished family , Two people in 96 Years of marriage , The two have rarely revealed themselves in the public for many years from public to marriage , Low key and loving .

This birthday party held by Ouyang Zhenhua for Fu Jiexian , It's just a dinner for our mutual friends to celebrate our wife's birthday , Married for so many years, still so loving , Husband and wife must have some unique way to get along .

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