After chasing the final finale of "I really love you", I was speechless and choked

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chasing final finale really love

《 I really love you 》 By Liu Tao 、 Du Chun 、 Urban emotional drama starring Wang Yuanke and others , At present, the play is popular on local satellite TV and two major network platforms .

《 I really love you 》 At the beginning of the broadcast, both the popularity and reputation were quite good , However, with the development of the subsequent plot , The design of several main characters in the play has become more and more paranoid , The audience make complaints about the sound of Tucao .

According to some material information related to the play , The final finale will really make people speechless , Very disappointed .

Chen jiaorui and Mo Ming

After the divorce, Chen jiaorui and Mo Ming each increased with their life experience , Have a better understanding of their own problems .

When Mo Ming was working at the center of confinement, he slowly found , It turned out that when Chen jiaorui just gave birth to Tong Tong, he didn't care about it at all , It is precisely because of her neglect that Chen jiaorui's subsequent psychological problems .

alike , On Chen jiaorui's side, she gradually felt her previous selfish behavior mistakes in the balance between work and children .

Finally, Chen jiaorui was sent by the company to work in Beijing , And Tong Tong is temporarily taken care of by Mo Ming , Two people didn't get back together , Because their hearts are very clear , No matter how happy each other used to be , Can't go back , Just like what Chen jiaorui said to Xiao Yan “ Mo Ming and I have nothing to say but Tong Tong ”.

Such an outcome setting can only be said to be neither satisfactory nor sad , However, about Chen jiaorui's human design , The finale was whitewashed and made people speechless .

Chen jiaorui's whole image after divorce is extreme selfishness , In order to live with Tong Tong, she used Xiao Yan , However, after the success of the plan, I only think about work , Children's life and health are always behind work , It's really disgusting .

However, in the last report meeting of thea group , The plot arranges for Xiao Yan to help Chen jiaorui delay time , And with Xiao Yan's mouth, she tells about what Chen jiaorui has done to balance work and family .

Such washing is really too sudden , Lack of basic plot bedding , It's disappointing .

Xiao Yan and Qi Bin

Xiao Yan is a very independent person , She has always been very principled , Including in the face of feelings .

Although I was sick before , Qi Bin's arrival gave her great psychological comfort , She didn't refuse Qi Bin to wear a ring for herself .

However, for marrying Qi Bin , Xiao Yan is still very upset , In the preview, at the party held by thea group , Qi Bin wants to open his relationship with Xiao Yan with other colleagues , But Xiao Yan chose to refuse .

And she didn't have the ring Dai Qibin gave her at that time , Such performance has actually shown her inner attitude towards this relationship .

Xiao Yan and Chen jiaorui also become very strange in the finale , Her independent character remains , But my ability at work has been greatly weakened .

Originally thought Xiao Yan was very unwilling to go to the moon Center , Through a series of efforts, we will run the month center well , And then successfully counter Chen jiaorui , Slapping horses and Richard , But until the end of the plot , None of this happened .

Youya and Cheng Haonan

Youya and Cheng Haonan were very happy , However, after Cheng Haonan's bankruptcy , After Youya had an accident , Their marriage has also become precarious .

Both of them have their own problems .

Youya stayed at home all the time , Not well aware of Cheng Haonan's hard work of making money to support his family , Too idealistic for many things , And Cheng Haonan is too small , Do things without rational thinking .

Last , Both Youya and Cheng Haonan are aware of their own problems , Youya said to Cheng Haonan “ future , No matter what kind of life we will live , We've all been together ”, And she also decided to cooperate with Yan Zhi to open a parent-child restaurant , Cheng Haonan also gave great support .

《 I really love you 》 From the broadcast to the finale , There is a very obvious trend of opening high and going low , Changes in the staffing of subsequent roles , And the rhythm of the plot is very disappointing .

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