After reading this issue of yearning for life, I finally found the reason why Huang Yali is not popular

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reading issue yearning life finally

After reading this issue 《 Desired life 》, Finally find the reason why Huang Yali is not popular

After reading the latest issue of 《 Look forward to 5》, Huang Yali and Jin Jing, who were invited by the program team, also did a lot of work , Contributed two big melons , One is that Huang Yali revealed that she had fallen in love with 16 My boyfriend got married in , The other is that Jin Jing also generously admits that she has fallen in love . But by comparison , Although Jin Jing is trying to be funny , But when it comes to “ Too hard ” Four words , I have to mention Huang Yali's performance in the program .

As 05 Supergirl in , From her fame to now, Huang Yali seems to have always given people a feeling of indifference to fame and wealth . But in fact, she has been distressed that she can't be popular all the time , Therefore, I also looked for he Jiong and hoped that I could be more in 《 Quick copy 》 Face up , But he Jiong refused Huang Yali's request , However, teacher he who appreciates her very much still arranges Huang Yali to be active in other programs as much as possible , This issue of 《 Look forward to 5》 It shows he Jiong's love for Huang Yali “ look after ”.

“ Tree house ” The team finished planting trees 50 After my mission , Everyone ate a bowl of noodles cooked by Mr. Huang and hurried out , Left Wang Mian 、 Liang Jingkang and Huang Yali . Coincidentally, I caught up with he Jiong's birthday again , Huang Yali is still the same as last year. Why did the teacher send a song , Hidden in the lyrics “ Happy birthday to Mr. He ”. Last year, Huang Yali used a song 《 Butterfly spring edge 》 Moved Mr. He to tears .

And getting closer to Mr. He may not make Huang Yali popular , When we watch the program, we will find , In fact, Huang Yali has more or less love “ preaching ” The trace of . When she plays the guitar with her sister , I've always stressed that my sister should pay attention to writing songs , Still imparting experience to my sister , You should accompany yourself with the guitar when you are empty , Then record the good melody and so on , Without considering that Zhang Zifeng is a professional actor , Singing is just her hobby .

When we rowed together , Huang Yali didn't forget to sing her own song with her guitar , Although it is to set off the atmosphere , But most of her songs are only suitable for one person to listen quietly , When we play, it will inevitably make the atmosphere a little abrupt , Fortunately, Jin Jing and Liu Shengying are here , Everyone relaxed with the hip-hop rap , Otherwise, it may be because of Huang Yali's lyric songs , Turn the atmosphere into a talk on the boat .

Besides singing for everyone , What Huang Yali can contribute is to hand weave a blanket for the cabin , Take your sister to do handicrafts , Because of time , Huang Yali needs to knit the carpet in one night. She can really see her persistence and patience . Although many viewers think Huang Yali is a little deliberate , But she did do what she could do , It's just that Huang Yali is really suitable to be a home blogger , It's not so suitable to be an artist .

In other reality shows before , Huang Yali started her career because of herself 16 I've been renting a house for years , But he built his rented house into an ideal residence for many people , Hand painted wall , Handmade paintings , Grow your own vegetables , It's also a love of life to manage your life vividly when you don't have a job .

Maybe the reason why Huang Yali is not popular is that she is too immersed in her ideal world , For the current entertainment industry, Huang Yali is more like a bystander , Not the participants .

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