We all underestimated Li Xueqin. Peking University didn't go in vain

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underestimated li xueqin. xueqin peking

《 13 invited 》 Xu Zhiyuan, director of the show, make complaints about Li Xueqin at the talk show conference :“ Li Xueqin , Hello , I'm Xu Zhiyuan , You see , The threshold of Peking University , How low !”

All the audience were happy .

Because they all think of Li Xueqin's “ quotes ”!

Xu Zhiyuan can look down on Li Xueqin , But people who eat melons must not underestimate Li Xueqin .

Han Han said : Nothing has ever been born in this world .

In the eyes of melon eaters , Li Xueqin relied on one sentence “ Hello , Wu queer , I'm Li Xueqin ” Born out of nowhere .

How simple and low-level !

But how many people can really do it ?

After Li Xueqin became famous , How many people imitate her , There was a shout from Wang Sicong , As a result, there was no red .

so , It's not that simple .

Let's analyze the power of Li Xueqin .

One Graduated from Peking University

A lot of people don't care , I don't think graduating from Peking University is a big deal .

But if you think about it carefully, you will know , This is really not something that ordinary people can pass the exam . The admission rate of Peking University in each province is about one in 100000 , That is, one candidate out of 100000 candidates .

Look at the reaction of the family of the students admitted to Peking University when they get the admission notice , What a wonderful thing .

People often make a mistake , Is to despise the achievements of others , Only see the external advantages of others , There are not so many requirements for yourself , You will only see the external limitations you are subjected to , And use this to maintain their ridiculous self-confidence .

such as , Many people who don't spend money , Still watching father Ma's jokes , It seems that he has the conditions of father ma , Will do better than father ma .

Two Please young people

If you despise Li Xueqin's trick of climbing Wu Yifan's traffic at the beginning of her fame , If you get attention , Then her next performance , Will convince you .

When a netizen says , A graduate of Peking University went to be a net celebrity , Is a waste of social resources , Li Xueqin's answer is to study in Peking University , Can't you be a waste ?

The tone of speaking , Very much like Han Han in those days .

What young people like most is this tone .

The times always belong to young people , therefore , Who flatters young people , Who will own this era .

Why did the older generation gradually lose the right to speak , Because what they say , Young people don't want to listen , Although they are quite right .

Who of the older generation will please the young ?

They can control themselves from scolding young people , I've exhausted all my strength .

Li Xueqin said what she wanted to say after 90 but didn't have a chance to say , That's the point. , Many people will like her .

3、 ... and Super high eq

After having super high popularity and traffic , Li Xueqin's performance is also commendable , Showed his super high EQ .

Wu Yifan is not good at shouting , Then the performance at the talk show conference is real skill .

Why do some people become popular , The red section disappeared like fireworks ?

Maybe there is no real material in my stomach .

But throughout Li Xueqin's performance at the talk show Conference , Personally think that , Not the first three , At least fourth .

Even with professional talk show actors , Her performance is not bad at all .

Of course , She also participated in many variety shows , Talk to Yu Qian about crosstalk , Last Spring Festival Gala , They all performed well .

It's not like a plain person at all .

Just imagine , Now, even if a man is popular by shouting Wang Sicong , Next task after task , Can he finish it smoothly ?

Four Take Guan Wu Yifan

The best time for a person is not to be coerced , Say what you want .

And capital is often the person who likes to carry the flow most .

After Wu Yifan's accident , Li Xueqin quickly takes Guan Wu Yifan , Hot search .

however , You'll find that , No one came to accuse her .

Why? ?

Because she did it right , Draw a line with some people , Yes. .

Of course , There are also some bad sounds , But what I want to say is , It's not ingratitude , It's not like tearing down a bridge .

because , Li Xueqin didn't do anything sorry for others .

Xu Zhiyuan once joked that :“ Peking University students occupy these places ( online celebrity ), There's nothing wrong , At least, , Better than Tsinghua students !”

Besides making fun of , It also reveals a truth , After 70 and 80, they slowly withdrew from the stage of history , Facing some things in society , They don't understand , You can't say anything more , Can only silently accept .

After all , Catering to young people , Some people can't do , Some people disdain to do , And Li Xueqin is willing to take such a trip .

Follow the elder Luo Yonghao , The way Han Han walked , Li Xueqin walked much more smoothly , And now with the advanced communication technology , Li Xueqin will walk much faster .

What's wrong with that .

It's just , Greedy capital will follow Luo Yonghao and Han Han closely , Follow Li Xueqin closely .

And those who are coerced by capital , Slowly stop telling the truth , Don't talk nonsense .

Just like Luo Yonghao who sells goods and Han Han who is silent .

Finally, I give a song after 80 ,《 Silence is gold 》, Go to bed early !

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