Lin Junjie and pan Weibai are reported again. Xie Minghao faces them directly and has many doubts

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lin junjie pan weibai reported

brief introduction : Lin Junjie and pan Weibai were reported again , Xie Minghao faces them directly , There are many doubts

Due to the report that Pan Weibai and Lin Junjie are involved in drugs , Xie Minghao was warned by two lawyers , Microblog accounts are banned , But he won't compromise , Record a video again and continue to report them .

He said they used their huge fan base and the money behind them to wash their white , I won't compromise , And ask two people to have a hair test immediately , To prove his innocence , Don't try to muddle through with a lawyer's letter , He also said he would be legally responsible for his words and deeds .

At this time, pan Weibo and Lin Junjie are uncomfortable , When I sent a lawyer's letter before, everyone didn't believe , I think we should call the police immediately . After all, if the other party has been slandered , Or the alarm is more direct .

Many people think that since Xie Minghao dares to report , There must be conclusive evidence , Pan Weibo and Lin Junjie only call the police to prove that he is real and not afraid of the shadow .

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