We don't want the Nobel Prize for literature with "color"

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don want nobel prize literature

all the time , We always want to be recognized by the world . therefore , about “ The international ” Two words are more sensitive , Especially for “ International awards ” But also “ be like hunger and thirst to ”. In our view , obtain “ International awards ”, That is, it has been recognized internationally , Namely “ Go abroad ” The symbol of .

From Sports Awards , To the awards in film and television works , Then to the prize in literature , It has become the focus of attention . go by the name of “ The world's highest award ” The Nobel Prize for , It can cause heated debate in China every year . Which of our scientists can win the Nobel Prize , Which of our writers can win the Nobel Prize for Literature , Wait, guess , Always without interruption .

Mo yan

Years of “ Look forward to ” Finally, when the result comes .2012 year 12 month 10 Japan , The Nobel Prize for literature was awarded to Mo Yan . This should have been a “ The whole country exulted ” The news of , But it is not as lively as expected . Who is Mo Yan ? What literature does he have ? Why did he win the Nobel Prize for Literature ? People's minds are filled with such questions .

Remember that day , I searched some of Mo Yan's works to read , I hope to find him who won the Nobel Prize for Literature “ password ”. however , I really don't like his works . As for why he won the Nobel Prize for Literature , I didn't find the answer . Mo Yan's enthusiasm for winning the Nobel Prize in literature soon passed , It's just occasionally mentioned .

Mo Yan won the prize

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