Why can't 39 year old Wang Ou get married? After watching Hawick Lau and her, who dares to marry home?

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year old wang ou married

39 Why can't wang Ou get married ? After watching Hawick Lau and her , Who dares to marry home ?

Speaking of Wang ou , The first thing that comes to mind is the rumor about her affair with Hawick Lau , And she's 《 List of reed {langya} 》 and 《 pretenders 》 Excellent performance in .

Just with 《 pretenders 》 When it became popular , She doesn't have any fans yet , Now it has become a first-line actress in the entertainment industry . After having a heat situation , Although it is inevitable to mention the old things again . The luminous script event is a black history that Wang ou can't erase .

2016 year , Just when I was filming the TV drama Nanhuang Ji with Hawick Lau , It was revealed by the famous paparazzi Zhuo Wei that they were alone in the hotel room for three hours . On the afternoon of the , Zhuo Wei once again exposed a video of two people alone for four hours , At that time, Hawick Lau explained that , They actually read the script together , But some netizens found that the light was off when Hawick Lau went out , So this incident is also known as the luminous script .

Then Hawick Lau clarified for himself , Say if you can have fun . Yang Mi also said that he believed in Hawick Lau , But the netizens didn't let them go , At that time, Wang ou, who was only a second - and third tier actor, was attacked by the whole network .

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