Behind Quan hongchan's amazing leap: the poor family still has a noble son, and there is no need to doubt it from now on

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quan hongchan amazing leap poor

Quan hongchan doesn't have a speech in her hand , No lines prepared by the coach .

In an interview , This 14 A little girl of eighteen , Impress countless people .

She burst into red , Not because of an amazing jump , Not because I won the gold medal , But because of the compelling truth , And kindness from the bottom of my heart .

The reporter asked her :

What's your secret to getting full marks ? How to press the spray so well ?

This question is boring . You can ask the coach , You can even ask me .

I can answer mysteriously for half an hour , Drag some “ Muscle memory ”“ Good water feeling ” And so on , Show how profound you are .

Theoretically , I can also become a diving scholar ; In practice , It can only be used as a round pier bomb into the water .

I don't blame the reporter . Don't ask such questions , What can I mention ?

14 The year-old girl answered two words : Practicing .

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