Stars sleep on the set, Jackie Chan sleeps on props, and Huang Xiaoming holds Yang Ying. She is enviable

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stars sleep set jackie chan

In the impression of many of us , The stars are very bright , They always face the audience with the most beautiful side , But in fact, they also need to pay a great price in order to obtain such glory , For most actors , I have to travel to and from the set every day , So eating, drinking and sleeping need to be solved on the set , Once Fan Bingbing became popular because of a picture of sleeping in the car on the set , It's called... By many people “ Sleeping Beauty ”.

as everyone knows , Jackie Chan was a famous desperate Saburo when he was young , When filming, it's very hard , It's almost impossible to use doubles when you have to , And there are a lot of dangerous behaviors in his lens , Now few people dare to imitate , Because the work intensity is relatively high , So Jackie Chan needs a lunch break every day on the set , And his sleeping place is also very simple , Any prop can , Including stretcher 、 Tables, etc. are never picky .

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