Don't be too old-fashioned when you are over 50. Don't deliberately pretend to be tender. Elegant and intellectual clothes have more taste

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don old-fashioned old fashioned don

Dressing has always been a very important part of women's daily life , When choosing a match , Or highlight our body lines , Or highlight our perfect temperament , And for 50+ For women , It's hard to keep in shape , But the temperament becomes more and more quiet with the precipitation of time , therefore , When choosing daily wear , How to highlight temperament , This is the key point for older women !

The recommended way to wear today is to fold , Choose some simple items to fold in summer , Can help you easily wear a good temperament .

The first way is to fold the vest and the inside , This piece of vest is one of the artifact matching in summer , The style and version are very rich , Not only for young girls , Older women wear waistcoats completely OK Of !

This suit in the picture is a classic vest folding wear , A simple white T T-shirt as an inner layer , With a simple gray suit vest outside , The texture of the suit with gray is particularly advanced , And a gray belt , It is elegant and can easily outline the waist line and body proportion .

The style and version of vest are very different , So choose carefully , Choosing a vest that is more in line with your temperament will make you stand out .

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