The famous voice actor Da Yang Suzuki is exposed to cheating because his wife Lisa is too angry

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famous voice actor da yang

Once played 《 Final fantasy 15》 The famous Japanese actor Da Yang Suzuki, whose hero is noktis, was recently exposed by the media as cheating , It caused an uproar in the entertainment circle of the island country , The wife recently sang 《 Ghost killing blade 》 The theme song was fired into the sky LISA, When I was married 2 There is little difference in people's status , Today, Suzuki Dayang is often referred to by the media as “LISA Husband ” 了 .

· Suzuki Dayang is a Japanese male voice actor 、 singer ,1983 year 11 month 11 Born in Chiba Prefecture, Sichuan city . The firm is I'm Enterprise, The record company is Lantis. Representative works and roles include 《 Black basketball 》 Takao and Cheng 、《Free!》 Juzhenqin 、《《 Final fantasy XV》 Noktis · Lucius · Garam 、《JOJO A wonderful adventure : The wind of gold 》 Proshut et al .2020 year 1 month 22 Japan , Suzuki Dayang and LiSA marry .

· According to Japanese media , Suzuki Dayang is 1 More than years ago with LiSA When you get married ,2 The status of people in the entertainment industry is not different , and LiSA Even worse , But due to the 《 Ghost killing blade 》 Burst of fire , Driving the singing of the theme song LISA Also fire to the sky , Today, Suzuki Dayang is often referred to by the media as “LISA Husband ”, This inevitably makes Suzuki Dayang really depressed .

· third party A Sanghara is just a fan of Suzuki Dayang who likes animation , Seems to have caught the perfect time , It seems natural to have a female fan who supports and admires him and let Suzuki Dayang regain his self-esteem , Suzuki Dayang even directly invited A Sang went to his house , Make it clear what you're looking at “ Demonstration ”, The gloom that has been held in his heart for a long time shows how huge .

· However, some people familiar with the matter revealed that , Suzuki Dayang's original character is not good , Be rude to your predecessors , Throw jokes in public conversation , Misconduct is also common in the newspapers .

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