Before the popularity of "Si Teng" disappeared, Zhang Binbin took the big IP play again and saw the female owner: it's hard to think of a burst of money?

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popularity si teng disappeared zhang

This time, , I didn't cry at all . If I don't sleep well , I won't be sad . When I was extremely vulnerable , I met sito

Many people didn't expect 《 Seto 》 The coming of .

The film is terrible , The director went to battle himself to save money , The hostess dresses herself , Buy shoes at the night market , Group performance depends on now .

But this spring , It became a blockbuster , Also hit a lot of high IQ faces .

《 Seto 》 The explosion of red tells everyone , Spend a lot of money and become popular , irrelevant , Excellent works are not just pieces made up .

Let the audience see the richness of people's hearts , See the sincerity and efforts of the team behind the scenes .

《 Seto 》 Also proved to everyone “ red ” Not a metaphysical harmonious combination of time and place , But man-made .

01 Jingtian stained with fireworks is more beautiful

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