In 2004, the host asked Stephen Chow: you publicize Kung Fu everywhere. Can Chinese understand English?

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2004 year , Stephen Chow publicizes abroad 《 Kung fu 》 when , A host despised Chinese kung fu : You also publicize Kung Fu everywhere , Can you Chinese understand the English on cookies ?

Stephen Chow angrily replied : I tell you , You ask these boring questions again , Don't blame me for losing my temper , The mud won't hold the wall , It's really cheap , You know what? ?

The host's face turned red and white , I want to find a hole in the ground , He never expected that the seemingly gentle Stephen Chow would be so angry .

Don't look at Stephen Chow. He's gentle , A book is angry , In fact, he is a man who has practiced .

At the age of nine , Bruce Lee's films are very popular in Hong Kong , Stephen Chow watched the movie starring Bruce Lee 《 Tangshan elder brother 》 after , I have strengthened my belief in learning martial arts .

Stephen Chow's parents divorced very early , His mother took him to live with his sister , So the family conditions are very poor , I can't afford to study in a regular martial arts school .

Can't , Stephen Chow practices himself at home , He first practiced iron sand palm , Use a pot of mung beans , Put your hand in , After a period of practice , Heat the mung beans before inserting them .

But it didn't wait for him to practice , My mother stopped me , Because his hands were very rough by mung beans .

He said : At that time, I was worried that I would have an accident when practicing iron sand palm , Just practice with your right hand , In his words , Even if something happens , And a left hand can do things .

Later, in order to prove his martial arts “ Invincible of the same age ”, He wants to open classes at school , So I found the headmaster , Tell me about your idea of taking an apprentice , The headmaster refused , Let him study hard , Don't fix these crooked .

From here we can see , Stephen Chow was really cute at that time , Although the behavior is a little childish , But the will is firm , At the same time, the thinking is also more comprehensive .

so to speak , Bruce Lee has always been his idol , It is also the driving force for his growth . The reason why he shot 《 Kung fu 》 The film , On the one hand, it is to commemorate Bruce Lee , On the other hand, he realized his dream of becoming a Kung Fu hero .

stay 《 Kung fu 》 in , Stephen Chow also thoroughly experienced “ Bruce Lee ” The feeling of , His style is very similar to Bruce Lee , Black training pants , Black chiffon shoes , Plus the muscular upper body , It's a weekly edition “ Bruce Lee ”.

Publicize abroad 《 Kung fu 》 when , The arrogant evaluation of a host : Chinese Kung Fu looks too soft , Soft , Like a monkey , Boxing champion Tyson is the real kung fu !

Stephen Chow does not defend , He said : Why don't you find someone to compete !

As soon as the host listens , delicious , He found one 2 A tall man , I want to scare Stephen Chow .

Stephen Chow smiled coldly , A left flash , Two legs , Trinity , A snap ,2 M Dahan fell to the ground , Fell a dog to chew .

The audience was stunned , Then there was thunderous applause , The host grabbed Stephen Chow's hand , Repeatedly apologizing .

Some netizens once said , There are two things Stephen Chow is most underestimated : One is handsome , But good kung fu .

On the first point , It's really underestimated , When I was young , Stephen Chow is so handsome that he can pinch out water .

And his kung fu is covered up by his comedy talent , So many people ignore his real kung fu .

Even Stephen Chow himself said : My kung fu is very good , But no one believes , I've never been invited. I'm afraid of playing .

But boxing champion Billy Zhou knows him better : Stephen Chow has a strong practical ability , Very good at Strength cannot be underestimated .

Some netizens make fun of , Jet Li is really kung fu , Jackie Chan fights badly , Have courage and kung fu , Stephen Chow is a Wulin expert have no bottom ! Don't you know if everyone agrees with this sentence ?

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