You are my honor: staying on the way can make Qiao Jingjing feel comfortable and full of routines

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honor staying way make qiao

Yu Tu and Qiao Jingjing “ Concert Hall storm ” The latter two have established a relationship , Yu Tu knows that Jingjing, who has been rejected twice, must have something to heal in her heart , So be more active to Jingjing .

I like Jingjing in the way , When he first retained Jingjing , Jingjing theory “ I'd like to , But say so , I'm not happy .”, This sentence is deeply imprinted in Tu's heart , It hurts every time I think of it .

After they were together , Yu Tu first took her to their high school alma mater , It can also be regarded as a perfect sentence for the regretful youth of that year .

When they got home, they called for two hours , This also led to Jingjing staying in bed the next day , Finally, he was awakened by Yu Tu's phone .

Later, due to the work of Yu Tu and Jingjing , Both of them have to go back to Shanghai to work in advance . Although I still served as a driver on the way this time , But compared with the previous two people are very happy .

Halfway Jingjing is also used for the mobile phone and Zhai Liang ( So flustered ) Made a video , At that time, Zhai Liang was sure that Yu Tu and Jingjing had an incredible face , The cell phone also fell into the midnight snack .

Not too much of a way, not preparing Zhai Liang to make complaints about what he had hurt before. , So I've been crazy about changing the subject . Finally, forced by helplessness, Zhai Liang had to add Jingjing's wechat , Secretly tell Jingjing .

Then Jingjing fought with Zhai Liang all the way , On the road while driving, make complaints about the two points of Tucao Zhai Liang. . No, that's right , Zhai Liang and Jingjing have been abused for two hours , Finally, I got off the bus and still couldn't watch it on the way and won the game .

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