Liu haocun: Zhang Yimou directed "one second" and the film "give you a little red flower"?

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liu haocun zhang yimou directed

Photographic literature essays : Street shot Liu haocun wearing at Shanghai airport , Black sleeveless TEE, braces skirt , Fresh and bright . In my memory, the winter in my hometown is full of warmth , The smoke curling in the winter morning , And the warm morning sun . Fiber cloud, no point cloud , The morning light shines down from the blue sky , The scene can't be appreciated in the city . Have some local snacks , Talking and laughing , There is joy and joy , Talk about ideals , Talk about life , Talk about the disappointments in life . The ancient tile roofed house is filled with warm warmth …… In reality , Stop thinking , Stop meditating , Stop your agitation ; With pleasure , Feel an unprecedented pleasure , Draw imagination into the space of reality and gallop , The mind feels wide , The warmth of flying thoughts , There is a way to think : Such a life , Isn't it a great pleasure ?( Wang Yanqing of Jining University )

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