What happened to Dou Jingtong? The hair is messy, the expression is dull, and the sitting posture is quite domineering

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happened dou jingtong hair messy

8 month 6 Japan , Dou Jingtong, Faye Wong's daughter, posted a photo of the group leader with floating hair on the social platform .

In the picture, her expression is wronged and her eyes are staring at the camera , The tattoos under the arms and chin are very eye-catching .

When the camera was handed over to others, Dou Jingtong immediately changed his aura and became very domineering , Elegant long hair covers your cheeks, with a special flavor .

It looks like this hair is grounded or wearing a hood , May be involved in hard shooting .

During this period, Dou Jingtong changed two sets of clothes , Are full of exotic costumes , Dressed like this, Faye Wong was quite unruly .

The netizen exclaimed , Dou Jing, who has long hair, looks like Faye Wong in her youth .

I have to say that the second generation of star filters are really amazing , No matter whether you look horizontally or vertically, you can't see that Dou Jingtong looks like Faye Wong when he was young .

Faye Wong was cute when she was young , It's not like Dou Jingtong's pessimism .

If you insist on saying what they are like , I think maybe it's just gender and temperament .

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