Give up reporting Lin Junjie? Xie Minghao's latest response: evidence is being provided to relevant departments!

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reporting lin junjie xie minghao

Two days before , That's Friday , During the live broadcast of Xie Minghao , I didn't talk about Lin Junjie and pan Weibo taking drugs , In its place : Sing a song 、 Let netizens brush a thousand yuan gift !

After the live broadcast , Many netizens call : Cheated ! Because Xie Minghao once said “ The sun will be out by Friday at the latest , At that time, Lin Junjie and pan Weibai will retire ”!

So the question came , Xie Minghao didn't mention the report live , Did he give it up ?

In just , Xie Minghao said again , The difference from the previous personal video is , He chose to describe , As follows :

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